Monday, October 1, 2007

Electricity Challenge - Update 4

Well, this is really our first "normal" week since we began our electricity challenge. We had one week where we were all away for a couple of days, one week where my parents were here and one week where DH and I were ill and the kids were away a couple of days.

So, how did we go this week without all the changes to our "normal" routine?

Our average daily usage for general power was 16.27kWh (down from 18.45 in our test week).

Hot water average daily usage was 3.3kWh (down from 3.8 in our test week).

So we're heading in the right direction. :-) Ooh, we did have some shearing this week so the farm used a little bit more power than a "regular" week - I don't imagine it used a lot of power, but would have used some.

On Saturday DH did some switching around of light bulbs. He found 2 energy saver ones in the cupboard (gee, they're really doing a good job in there lol) and he's put lower wattage ones in some of the lamps that won't take energy saver ones. Go DH!!!! :-)

I haven't had a chance to do any more auditing of our electricity usage this week but I will get back to that eventually. I'm finding it quite an interesting process.

There'll be quite a few days in the next fortnight where we won't be home but I will keep recording our usage regardless. More to keep us all in the right frame of mind than anything (I had to turn both the kids bedroom lights off this morning when I got up :-( ).


Ali said...

it's great that your electrcitiy consumption is gradually getting lower and lower :)

Precious_1 said...

Way to go!!

I keep forgetting to read our meter

lightening said...

Yeah, this next reading should be fantastic - since we've been away for 5 days!!! LOL.