Monday, October 29, 2007

Frugal Aussies

Every now and then I mention the group "Frugal Aussies" when I'm talking about my journey toward a more frugal lifestyle. They were a HUGE influence in helping me work our finances so that we could buy a home WITHOUT me having to go back to work. In saying that, I'm not advocating that all women NEED to be stay at home mums. The thing is, that's what I REALLY wanted to be able to do and they helped me to achieve that.

We're just about sharing ideas with each other and supporting one another along the road to getting more value for our $$$. It's a yahoo group and so FREE to join. :-) None of us are "experts". We're just a group of friends with a common goal. Our ideas vary a lot so you can at times get some interesting discussion happening. ;-)

If you're interested in joining us, you can find this group here:

Frugal Aussies

I know some of my readers are also on that group. You might want to add a little "hi" or make a comment about how you find the group to give other readers an idea of what it is like. I do allow anonymous comments (although it is nice if you place your name or initials or a nickname at the end of your comment) so you don't have to be a member of blogger in order to leave a comment here. Just click on "post a comment" and another window should pop up where you can do that.

I will be back soon (ish) to post about this week's electricity challenge results. :-)


libby said...

Thought I'd cast my vote for Frugal Aussies. They are a great group and though I'm definitely not a model member I get so much inspiration from the group and maybe one day I'll be a worthy member :-).


Kelley said...

I am a lurker on Frugal Aussies. Fabulous group!

You, my girl, are inspiring with what you have achieved.

Kez said...

Yep, I'm a member of Frugal Aussies - it really helps keep me on track! I don't say much on there atm as I tend to write things in my blog mainly.

lightening said...

Thanks for adding your feedback guys. :-) It is a wonderful community to be part of.

Kez - I'm finding myself a little less vocal in my yahoo groups now that I'm blogging too.

Kelley - awwww thank you. In reality, I'm PROOF that ANYONE can do it.

Libby - ALL members are *worthy* members!!! :-)