Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I'm off in another world watching the beauty of a waltz on "Dancing with the Stars" last night when my 9 year old calls out to me from the other end of the house. "Mum, can you tell Pip to stop barking?" Pip's barking? OH NO!!! THE FOX IS BACK!!!

"Honey!" I call out to my DH. "Pip's barking, I think the fox is back". Naturally the MOTH (Man of The House) is where all men tend to be when there is a crisis - the throne room! Galantly he finishes "early" and charges outside to see if my babies are safe.

So much for the "mark your territory" theory!!! The fox is at the chook enclosure RIGHT where DH marked his territory just hours before!

Close inspection of the enclosure shows dig marks all along one side. Right where my darling had added concrete. Hah!!! We've outfoxed the fox. He can no longer find his way in *that* way - he keeps hitting a brick concrete "wall".

In this day and age of tight gun laws, it's not so easy for our "hero" to simply *deal* with the dratted fox. But the fox is persistent. It's not going to be scared away easily. There he sits in the headlights of the ute, unperterbed by bright lights, a dog barking and a human interfering with his efforts to get to those chooks. He WANTS those babies. He NEEDS those babies. You can almost see the drool dripping out of his mouth as he stares at those young, tender, chickies.

The MOTH decides he's going to go through the rigaramole of fetching his gun, even though he suspects the fox will be long gone on his return. Off to the shed. Find the secret hiding place for the key to the gun cupboard. In the dark of course. Get the gun. Find the secret hiding place for the key to the ammo cupboard (keys, cupboards, guns and ammo all have to be kept separately). Unlock the cupboard, get the ammo and load the gun. Yeah, it only takes about 25 minutes to grab the gun and do away with a pest on a farm these days. That's assuming you don't accidentally drop the key in the dirt in the pitch black and have to scrounge around on the ground looking for it. LOL.

"KABOOM!" (Yeah, the 22 doesn't really make that sound but I used it for "dramatic" effect LOL). The fox is still there and the MOTH gets off a single shot before the fox darts away. There's a slight "thud" so he knows he's hit his mark. Unfortunately not enough to stop the fox running away, but likely enough of a hit that he won't survive to return again. Maybe he'll survive long enough to tell all his mates not to mess with the chookies cos they have one *mean papa*. HERO!!!! Daddy has saved the day! :-)

Note: I do support the gun laws. I'm not a big fan of guns myself, even though they are a necessity out here in the *wild*. But I'd rather protect people above all else. And we do prefer not to leave an animal in misery. Even a blasted sly fox. But when it comes down to 8 chooks vs 1 fox, well, a man's gotta do what a man's gotta do. Whatever he can to protect his babies!


Meg said...

I agree, not an easy decision to make but at times it's the only one.
I hope the chickie babes are safe from the rest of the fox family and it's the last you see of one for a long while.

Ali said...

darn that fox! MOTH did what he had to do with the gun.

Hope your chickies weren't too scared.

lol ~ you did make me laugh with your descriptive dialogue at the beinning of your post ~ I like how you write :)

Jill said...

Thankgoodness the chooks are safe. Your MOTH is a star! I agree about gun laws, but also agree that they are a necessity out on the farm, it sounds like you are very responsible gun owners. Love your blog today.

Anonymous said...

Jolly foxes! But now there is one less I guess (that rhymes LOL)! Looking forward to more henny penny stories as they near laying.
PS Did you get to see Dancing with stars after all? I sure hope you had prerecorded it as I do with my fav programs as there is always an interuption! Thanks for the cheery blog - just what I needed today! LS

Anonymous said...

PS I forgot to add that your story reminds me of a Bible verse :

Song of Solomon 2:15
[ The Woman ] Then you must protect me from the foxes, foxes on the prowl, Foxes who would like nothing better than to get into our flowering garden.(in your case - chicken coop)


Kez said...

Yay, glad you saved your new babies!

Joy said...

Phew! Thank goodness he didn't get the chooks! I hope there aren't any more around. At least you know the concrete helps!

lightening said...

Nah, didn't record dancing with the stars. Oh well, doesn't matter. I'm not all that attached to this particular one.

Well, DH and his mate went for a drive last night and didn't spot anymore foxes so fingers crossed we won't have any more trouble from here on in.