Sunday, October 14, 2007

Results for My First EVER blog Competition!!!!

Alrighty, it's time for the big REVEAL!!!!! The answers to my "How Well Do You Know Me Quiz"....... I can say they've been checked and double checked as I had some trouble with this post (did anyone get a sneak peek of the answers when I accidentally posted this half way through writing? Tis okay, no more entries were received after that time so everything is all above board! :-) ). So I had to delete this post and start again. Then along the way questions and answers kept accidentally deleting on me. LOL. DH came in to see if he could help (I was abusing the poor computer).

BUT, you don't want to know about my afternoon dramas. So let's get to the BIG *REVEAL*.....

1. How many children do I have?

a)3 - We have boy(9), girl(6) and boy(3 - who is still eating broccoli in an attempt to grow bigger so he can do stunts on a motorbike lol).

b)4 - I always thought I'd like 4 but DH told me back before we were even officially engaged that he wouldn't want more than 3 as he didn't want to have a car with a bench seat in the front. LOL. Great reason darling. However, we now own a Pajero which is 7 seats (without a bench seat in the front) but I'd have to choose between another child and shopping...... Tough one. LOL.

c)2 - When we had a boy and then a girl we briefly considered stopping at 2. That idea didn't last very long though.


2. Which state of Australia do I live in?

a)Victoria - Well I did live in Melbourne for 6 wonderful years. With the rivalry between SA & Vic I find myself torn at times. I love both states!!!!

b)New South Wales

c)South Australia - I was born here and lived here until I was 12 before spending my 6 years in Melbourne and returning when I was 18.

d)Western Australia - I've never even BEEN to WA. Looking forward to visiting one day.

3. I was born in
b)1974 - Not much else to say really. I was born when I was. Except to say thank you Kelley for such kind comments about my appearance vs age. LOL.

4. How many $ per week do I spend on groceries?
a)$100 - So far so good. Even though my challenge is over, I can't help but want to keep under the $100 mark for as long as possible. Not sure how much longer we'll succeed - we'll see.

5. My favourite part of the school day was

a)recess - yeah, I made this one a tough one. Recess won out as I was very much a "the gangs all here" kind of person and the most common time for us all to be together was at Recess.

b)lunch - lunch did come a close second to recess but had a number of things going against it. Firstly, I often didn't have any lunch to eat. Secondly, our group was often split with meetings, seeing teachers yada, yada, yada. Then thirdly, there's those lunch time maths detentions that we won't mention. LOL.

c)end of the day - I actually enjoyed school (for the social aspect mostly) so heading home at the end of the day wasn't always all that great. Especially during year 12 when I had to catch 2 trains and then a tram just to get home.

d)maths - LOL. Alright, fess up. Who said maths? I had a maths teacher once (for 2 years running - poor guy) who said I would end up being a maths teacher. *shudder* I wonder if he was hoping for some kind of "karma" to return upon me. But really, if you're going to tell my parents the reason I don't understand the work is because I don't get your attention when I need help, you can only expect me to climb up on the table in order to get your attention. And I did say a-ttention not d-tention.

6. My favourite chocolate is

a) white
b) milk
c) dark
d) all of the above - What can I say? Chocolate is chocolate is chocolate. And don't go telling me that white chocolate isn't *really* chocolate. If it says "chocolate" on the packaging, it's good enough for me. :-) Unless of course someone ruins it by *gasp* adding coffee!!!! Blergh!!! Which chocolate I prefer at any given time does depend on my mood (and what I can find stashed in the cupboard).

7. My favourite TV show is

a)Australian Idol - Well I have been watching some of it. This is the first series I've seen. What the.....?????

b)All Saints - I don't mind watching it but really, there's already enough *real* drama in my life. Plus I'm jealous cos they have HEAPS of doctors and we have NONE. *sob*

c)It Takes Two - Yah!!!!! My biggest issue with this show is that it isn't on often enough!!!!

d)Home and Away - This used to be my favourite show. I can remember the very first episode. Awwww....cute little Sally. Any yes, I was totally in LOVE with Alex Papps (hope I've spelt that right). LOL. Can't say that I've never missed an episode though as we didn't always have an available TV set. A number of people tried to convince me it was bad when I was in my later teen years. So of course, I kept on watching it!!!! They watch X-files and try to tell me Home and Away is bad????? X-files was just too creepy for me. Now watching Home and Away through a parents eyes, I decided to stop watching it because my kids were watching too (and the story lines do just cycle around and around and there are only so many "Summer Bay disasters" you need to see in a lifetime). So, it's no longer my favourite show.

8. I moved out of home when I was:

a)18 - Moving out of home was a TOP decision. I moved into this little house that resembled a tin shed (I must see if I can dig out a photo or 2 for you). All my furniture and furnishings were second hand. I even had bright orange chairs (handed down from my parents). But I sooooo LOVED my little house. Me and my 65 soft toys had a blissful existence in that little pad. I was totally BROKE! And I mean TOTALLY (I don't know HOW they expect you to live "away from home" on the Austudy living away from home allowance). But I didn't care. I didn't even mind spending most of my money on rent and bills. Cos it was MY money and MY bills for MY home.


9.I prefer my egg yolks to be

a)hard - YUK!!!

b)runny - Mmmmmm..... I love it when we go camping and DH makes me a bacon and egg sanger with yolks so runny you have to lean over the ground so you don't get egg yolk all over your PJ's (who gets dressed before breakfast when you're on holidays?). Licking egg yolk off your fingers -mmmmm.

c)somewhere in between - I *will* eat them like this if I HAVE to. After all, I wouldn't want to offend anyone. BUT, only if it's in a hamburger or something like that. Couldn't eat egg like that on its own.

d)I hate eggs - eggs are one of the foods DH has convinced me I like. I used to *hate* eggs, especially on their own. BUT, farm fresh, free-range eggs are a WHOLE different experience. I still *hate* eggs on their own if I have to buy supermarket eggs. *sob* I miss my chookies. :-(

10. When I get excited I

a)laugh too loud - you *might* get me to laugh loudly IF I'm feeling very relaxed and somewhat tired AND I actually *get* the joke. :-) Most of the time though I prefer not to draw attention to myself (which is why I put my thoughts and feelings on the internet for ANYONE to read ?????).

b)bounce up and down - Apparently this is what I do. So they told me on my wedding day (along with all the wedding guests etc). DH now points it out to me occasionally so it *must* be true. In reality, well, I'm too excited to notice how I behave. :-)

c)dance - It's best for all concerned if I don't dance.....ever......

d)cry - I cry when I'm happy, I cry when I'm sad. I cry when I'm frightened and I cry when I'm mad. But I do NOT cry when I'm excited. At least, I don't *think* I do......

So, there you have it. The answers for my first ever blog quiz. How did you go? Do you feel like you know me just a little better now? Anything in particular surprise you?

And now for the moment you've all been waiting for.......*insert drum roll here*...........

The winners of my first ever quiz AND my first ever competition on this blog are.......


Congratulations!!!! Could you lovely ladies please email me with your full names and addresses so I can send you your prize. You may have to be patient with me as my 3rd Christmas dishcloth is still on the needles!!! :-)

Thanks to everyone who had a go and a special thanks to those who posted their answers in the comments section. :-) I hope you all had as much fun as I did.


Ali said...

thanks for hosting that competition, it was fun and I can't believe I'm one of the winners, lol :)

Kelley said...

*Kelley hobbling around the lounge room arms waving in the air squealing*


What? Huh? What do you mean I didn't win? But she mentioned my name...... Oh, read the WHOLE post?




lightening said...

You always crack me up Kelley! I did consider your boobie prize suggestion but my DH is the only one around here that gets any boobie prize. :-o (did I really say that?).

Precious_1 said...

yes you really did say that!! lol

and thankyou very much for hosting a competition on your blog. I'm a little shocked that I'm a winner! I never win anything lol

Lisa said...

Congratulations on a fun quiz.

I would've liked to enter, but I haven't read all of your posts yet, so I knew I wouldn't get all the answers right.

(Blame the Virgo in me!)

emma.jean said...

ROFL at the comments here! LOL I can't believe I'm one of the winners either! Woohoo! The first few questions I thought this will be easy, but then when it came to tv shows, and eggs, and so on, I realised I'd just have to guess. The fave school time answer surprised me... but I am very impressed with you standing on the table!

lightening said...

Awwww Lisa. Even my DH only got 9/10. :-)

Emma.jean - I think I shocked a few people when I stood on the table. Since I was one of the "good" kids. LOL. I only remember standing on the table twice during my high school years - so that's not *too* bad. No idea why I climbed up on the table the second time (different teacher). I think it might have been some kind of protest over something or rather. I really was one of the good kids....honest.

I'm glad everyone had fun. I know I did. :-)