Sunday, October 7, 2007

You Make Me Smile! :-)

You all make me smile! So I'm not sure why I'm the one receiving a "you make me smile" award. :-) Nevertheless, here it is:

Thanks very much Kelley for passing this award on to me. You girl, make me smile (and laugh) a LOT!!!! :-) Sorry it' s taken me a while to post this!

I was thinking today about the whole world of blogging and the amazing way in which friendships form through sharing on blogs. It made me wonder what prompted me to blog in the first place. I had to go and read my own first post in order to find out! LOL.

Here's a couple of excerpts from my first post :

"I never thought I'd be one to begin a blog - and yet here I am. (It might take me a while to get used to this whole process so please bear with me.) I have been reading other people's blogs and finding it so wonderful to share in a small part of their journey in life...

...Laughter is such a gift - I think it does us all good to be able to laugh at ourselves. No one can know everything after all...

...I think we could all do with a little more "light" in our day at times. A smile from a stranger. An encouraging word. A hug from someone we love. Life can weigh us down some days can't it? How easy is it to get so busy in the day to day tasks of life, that we forget to live it and enjoy it as we go? Barely holding it together ourselves, let along having the time or energy to reach out and improve someone else's day.

Each day I want to ask myself. What can I do today to shine a little "light" into someone else's life? "

I really want to give this award to everyone who has ever commented on my blog. You all make me smile. Thank you so much for taking the time to do so. So if you've ever left a comment and would like to post this award on your own blog - please feel free to do so. I know this is kind of "cheating" but at the same time, my readers are truly those who make me smile.

I will mention one specific blog as she's fairly new to blogging and I'd love to direct some traffic her way. The way she views the world and expresses it makes me smile.

So, if you have time. Please go and visit Lisa and leave her a little comment. I think she's due back from her trip soon and I'm sure she'd be very excited to come home to lots of wonderful comments. After all, we bloggers live for our comments, don't we? :-)

I hope you all have a reason to smile today!


Ali said...

congratulations lightening :)

Anonymous said...

Love your blog, :)
I really related to your quote from your first entry about getting bogged down in the day to day stuff. That's how I feel now, totally overwhelmed and like there is never any time for fun. I know I need to find the time but I'm not sure how when so many other mundane things seem to demand so much of my time. I feel like I'm only just hanging on here.

oops didn't mean to be a drag
cheers Lenny

lightening said...

Hey Lenny,
It's never a drag to share how you're feeling. Sometimes just putting it in writing helps. :-) I hope you can find your way through to more *fun* and less drudge. :-) It can be really hard at times, I know.
Jodi :-)

Kez said...

Yep, a comment can brighten your whole day!

Heading over to Lisa's blog now..

Lisa said...

You're just the most gorgeous thing! Thank you so much for your lovely words about my blog, and the award.
I've tried to whack it on my blog, but it refuses to budge. My son, and a guy from work have also tried. Even swearing at it doesn't seem to help, though it does relieve the tension slightly. I'm sitting down with a computer teacher after lunch to try and get my camera to work on the computer, and I'll get her to help. She's a blogger from way back, apparently.
If she can't help, I'll sing out to you.

Thanks again. I squealed out loud when I read what you wrote, and boasted to my boys. They think the blog is a bit of a joke, but now they're impressed.

lightening said...

Good luck Lisa. I hope your friend doesn't read my post about HTML. Does she teach maths as well as computing? :-)

The most technical way to do it I think is to click on the picture on my computer which takes you to a webpage where the image is stored and you can add the image to your own blog that way (I'm sure your friend will know how to do that - I don't lol).

The *easy* way (well, how I do it) is to right click on the image and "save as..." onto my computer then I upload it as an image where I want it.