Monday, October 1, 2007

My Op Shop Finds!

Alright, as promised, here are some pictures of my latest op shop finds.

A pair of capri pants and a pair of shorts for DD. Both a tiny bit big but she'll grow. :-)

A short sleeve top and a 3/4 sleeve top for me.

A jumper for DS

Some books for DS - a couple I need to read first to check if I think he's old enough for them yet.

Some gardening magazines for me. They're in excellent condition. I bought the ones relevant to the next few months. Don't want to get too far ahead of myself. :-)

This last one is my favourite. A pattern book for knitting dolls clothes. And some yarn!!!! :-) I'm going to try my hand at making DD some clothes for her dolls. Last year she asked for dolls clothes and I couldn't believe how expensive they were - more expensive than the dolls in most cases!!! Might provide a bit of a challenge to my knitting skills. Only I don't have the right size needles so will need to keep my eye out for some of those. Or I might just try using the size I have and seeing if it works out okay (I'm guessing it might make the garment slightly bigger - is that right?).

I have no idea what the yarn is (acrylic, wool, mixed or whatever) or what ply it is. But since I'm planning on using it for dolls clothes, I'm figuring it won't matter too much. At the very least, I get to have a cheap play. :-)

Quite a satisfying days shopping for a grand total of $5.50!!! :-)


Precious_1 said...

thats the best kind of shopping isnt it lol! Great finds good luck with knitting the dolls clothes!

Ali said...

wow, all that for $5.50!!!! That's cheap compared to the prices at the couple of op shops near me!! I can buy one item of clothing for me of my daughter for $4 or $5

If you did want to know what the yarn is, you could try lighting the end ~ is it melts quickly it's definately acrylic..

Joy said...

That's great shopping! I think I'm coming to visit your opshops!!! LOL! The ones around here are not as cheap... I need to go visit my old faithful again one of these days, where we used to live.
I went to buy a jumper the other day at the salvos and I think it was $6! But then the salvos aren't cheap at all anymore.

Kelley said...

Wow, that is a cheap shopping trip!

Must drag myself away from the computer and visit our local oppy!

lightening said...

Yes, it is a very cheap op shop. But even I was surprised that the total was as low as it ended up being.

I went to a different op shop the other day and only got 3 items for the same money. A denim skirt for dd (looks like new), a plain t-shirt for dd and a red plastic tablecloth that I'm planning to use for DS's "cars" party in a couple of months time.