Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Girls Have Arrived

It's a very exciting day!!!! :-) We did get 8 chickens but I couldn't get them all in the one photo. LOL. They don't pose quite like my children do.

I was a bit unsure how I would feel having lost our old chooks just the other day. I haven't even been up to the chook enclosure since that happened. And I was a bit reluctant to get too attached to the new girls. That lasted all of about, my first glance. LOL.

They're very easy to fall in love with!!! Especially when they're still at that "cute stage". These are about 9 weeks old I think.

Here they are pecking at a few of our scraps. I could sit and watch them for hours. That's not very productive though is it? LOL.

DH has put some more concrete around the edge of the enclosure so we're hoping no more foxes will get in.

I was also told (I think it was by someone on the Aussies Living Simply forum) that male urine will help deter foxes. So I told DH he had to do his "civic duty". LOL. Not sure if it *has* to be male but you sure won't get me squatting out there!!!! LOLOL. DH seems to think it might be a bit of a "mark your territory" type thing. Not sure if he's planning on obliging me or not.

So, not sure how long until these little babies will be old enough to lay. I'm guessing at least a month. We'll have to wait and see. In the meantime they can get themselves nice and settled in to their new home. :-)


Kin said...

Awww, how cute! I want some! Can I come and stay at your house? They look right at home already.

Ali said...

lol at the idea of your hubbie "marking" his territory!!

Your chickens are cute, I could sit and watch mine for hours and hours........but as you said, it's not very productive!!

lightening said...

You can come stay anytime you like Kin. And we wouldn't even make you stay in the chicken enclosure. LOL. BUT, I might want you to cook! :-)

Snoskred said...

See, they don't need lawn, right! :)

I have a balcony, foxes can't get up there..

Now, to achieve the impossible - to convince the other half!


Precious_1 said...

I'm sure my hubby would mark the territory for you! lol

Emjoy your chookins!

Veronica said...

Eggs eggs wonderful eggs, I love eggs.

Lisa said...

Congratulations on becoming a Mum again.
(Or does that comment mark me as being hopelessly citified??)

lightening said...

Oh dear - you guys are constantly cracking me up!!! LOL.

Lisa - that comment makes you much LESS citified. You obviously understand the relationship between a chook and it's owner! It only took me a decade of chook ownership to take an interest. They were always DH's domain before (I was a very misplaced city chick lol).

Erin! said...

OOOH totally envious. I have a half my chook house built, but its taking ages and then i have no idea how i am going to convince my younger dog not to eat them or chase them to death.

We really really really want chookies.

Oh and yeah, congrats on your new babies, they really are a part of the family wether you are prepared for them to be or not.

Mimi said...

your new chicks are really cute... I had chicks when I was a girl and we used to play with them..(maybe that's why some of them wouldn't lay many eggs?) ha ha

libby said...

Oh, too cute. We've got 6 Isa Browns - lovely girls. Ours were born in Sept last year and laid their first eggs in early Jan (from memory). Ours have been very costly girls. One got a sore and others made it worth (that cost about $200 and we'd only had her for a few weeks), then later dog decided to pull out some feathers. That was okay but it was summer and they got infected. 3 had surgery costing another couple of hundred. But they are part of the family.... Another year and they'll probably have paid for themselves with egg production.
Hope your's aren't as costly.


Joy said...

Yay! Congrats! Hope they start laying for you soon :)



Jade H said...

aww what cute little chickens!!! Hope that they make you plenty of eggs!