Thursday, October 25, 2007

Insanity Gone Crazy!!!!

Is that even possible???? Anyone else find it hard thinking up interesting titles for their blog posts? Maybe it's just me. No, I haven't really gone crazy but I have signed up for Nablopomo which I *think* is a spin off from Nanowrimo. I'd not heard of it until I saw the little icon thingy's popping up on blogs all over the place.

So, what is it? Basically you make a commitment to make a blog post every day in November. No crazy minimum words or anything like that. Just a commitment to continuous posting. Well, if you haven't already noticed, I tend to post *nearly* every day. So I'm thinking I *should* be able to pull this off without too much hardship.

Why did I decide to sign up? Well, I wanted to make a commitment to myself and to you (my readers) that I would continue to blog throughout Nanowrimo. My biggest reservation about participating in Nanowrimo was that my blog would suffer. Now I have as much incentive to blog as I do to write my novel. :-) That makes sense, right? So maybe I'm not insane OR crazy afterall. I might be by the end of November though. :-)

As an interesting and somewhat unexpected bonus, I have had a few visits from other Nablopomo participants. A big WAVE to anyone dropping by. Please feel free to give a little hello in the comments section, even if this blog isn't to your taste and you don't expect to come back again. It's nice to know you were here. :-)

Oh, and if you haven't signed up yet but would like to - click on the little thingy that says Nablopomo in my sidebar and it *should* take you there (I think). Yes, technical as always.... lol. Don't forget to mention in my comments if you're a part of it.... other readers might want to drop by your blog too (if they don't already). :-)


Rachelle G. said...

I'm happy to meet you through NaBloPoMo! I'm writing a nonfiction book in November, not a novel, but I too feel like I'm crazy to commit to blogging everyday! However, I mainly joined to meet more bloggers, AND to give myself a little break from my book each day. How exciting to meet someone from Australia! I look forward to keeping up with your blog.

Krissy said...

Hellooooo! I'm very impressed at your novel-writing skillz. Me, I'm just going to keep posting inanaities at Speckblog because I'm already doing that and to do more is just nothing at all.

YOU, however, you are a person to be admired. My inner novel is a short sentence and then I run for cake. Not the cake you posted though. I'm sure it was tastey but it looks like it's been in an earthquake.

Although if you covered it in icing I could probably be persuaded.

Hi! Nice to meet you! Good luck in November!

lightening said...

rachelle - it's a great way to meet new bloggers isn't it! :-) Thanks so much for dropping by.

krissy - the cake tasted nice, honest!!! LOL. I may spend November consuming copious amounts of chocolate though. Now there's an idea....when I was studying I used to keep a glass bowl of smarties on my desk. An incentive for me to actual *sit* at it. :-) Don't need any incentive now that there's a computer there - the internet world calls my name *much* louder than my maths homework ever did. ROFLOL. Perhaps I'll buy some Smarties and hope that I can still get OUT of the office (size wise) by the end of the month.

Scott said...

This is a great idea Lightening - keeps you committed to both endeavours. I am just wondering how much our brains will hurt come December 1.

lightening said...

Me thinks our brains will hurt a LOT. Actually, mine already does!

Frogdancer said...

I was swearing at Scott, and now You'll have to join that list. AAAghrgh!
Who needs sleep?

(great cake, by the way. I've never been game to cook one in the crock pot. I'll wait for further experimentation by your good self.)

nbeltane said...

looking forward to blogging.. and notice that you have the Garden Express logo on your site. My DH is a moderator on the forum, when he joined there was only a handful of people on there.