Sunday, September 30, 2007

September Groceries

I was trying to work out how many days this month had this morning over breakfast and couldn't remember if we were coming to the end of August or September. LOL. Maybe this year is passing a little too quickly for me. :-)

I know I'm no longer focusing on my grocery challenge but I wanted to blog about my grocery spending this month anyway. It has turned out to be quite an interesting month.

I was a little alarmed when I got about half way through the month and discovered that I had already spent nearly $300. I figured finishing my challenge was going to result in a reasonable blow-out in our grocery spending.

Well, I have just added up my total grocery spending for the month and it comes to $364.90!!!!! I think that might actually be my lowest total so far this year. So, go figure??????

What happened was that I did a bit of a stock up early in the month when I had an opportunity to (including $50 of fruit and veg). For the last 2 weeks I have only needed to do much smaller shops.

That total also includes $10 that I spent on Tim Tams for the teachers at my kids school (a little thank you for their efforts putting together the school festival recently).

So there you go! An unexpected yet welcome outcome. Perhaps I have made new habits when it comes to what we buy at the grocery store. I will continue to track my grocery spending (as I do all my spending) and see what happens in the upcoming months. It will be interesting to see.


Ali said...

that's fantastic that this month was the lowest yet~ WOOHOO!!

Joy said...

Oh well done!!!! That is great!

emma.jean said...

Well done, Jodi!

lightening said...

Thanks. :-)

Kelley said...

That is just amazing! I bow to your amazingness :)
How do you do it? I am totally in awe. I spend more than that in a fortnight!

Precious_1 said...

sheesh! I can spend 3/4's of that in a week then get home and wonder what on earth I bought with it!! I have seriously got to get this whole menu plan/shopping list things going!!

Well done Jodi!!

Precious_1 said...

You inspired me - I chopped $90 off my grocery shop this week. Thanks

lightening said...

Yaaahhh precious - what an awesome achievement. Go you!!! :-)