Tuesday, October 16, 2007

My Baby's Go-one.........

....and I'm all a-lo-one.........oooh. I've got the "my baby started kindy today and insisted on going on the school bus even though it's his first day bloo-oos".

Ya don't have to be able to sing in tune with the blues do you? No? Oh good! :-)

Actually, I'm not feeling all that sad. Does that make me a bad mummy? I should feel sad shouldn't I?

Okay, well he only goes half a day a week this term (it's kind of a transition term to kindy and kindy is the year they do pre-school here for those not familiar with our system - which is most of you since Australia doesn't have a common system across the states). So maybe that's part of the reason I'm not feeling sadder.

And it has been almost 10 years of having kids at home. I think I'm ready for a change. I'd better not get too used to it though. He'll be home at lunch time! LOL. And I imagine all I'll get for the next week is "is it kindy day yet?"

The house is kinda quiet though. It's almost a "first day of term" here day today. Even though school went back yesterday, we had to take DD to an appointment out of town so only DS went to school yesterday. Now, all of sudden, they're all gone!!!! After having them ALL home for the past 2 weeks.

Today I need to start searching for my house underneath all our stuff!!!! :-o


Kin said...

Awww, you'll get through it! I was stunned at how much I got done yesterday with no kids at home. I find I'm always much more motivated earlier in the week!

Kez said...

Woohoo :) Enjoy!

Precious_1 said...

When I dropped my eldest at school for the first time I was a little upset. But more because she was so excited she didn't even say goodbye - she ran in the gate and never looked back. lol The Second was a little clingy and shy, but quickly gained confidence and it was no big deal. But with my baby....... I was just so ready for him to be at school! lol

I felt so guilty that first morning when I dropped him off, said goodbye, waved to his teacher, was directed to the tissue box and then laughed at his teacher while walking out the door to start my next phase of life (the free during school hours phase! lol).

The guilt was because as I've walked out the door I noticed other mums sending their "babies" (as in last child or first child) off who were in tears and devestated. I just wanted to do a happy dance and just really felt like I was violating the laws of motherhood for feeling that way when there was such grief being displayed by others.

Ejoy finding your house again!