Monday, October 22, 2007

Electricity Challenge - Update 7

I'm happy to say that this week we had a MUCH better week with our electricity usage. With the kids back at school, no coughers and splutterers requiring night-time heating and being away over the weekend, it certainly SHOULD be. :-)

Soooooo........drum roll please (just kidding).

Our average daily usage this week worked out to 13.37kWh per day!!!! :-) I'm pretty happy with that.

BUT, there is even BETTER news!!!!

Our hot water electricity for the week...... 0.0kWh for the WHOLE week, giving us an average daily usage of ZERO for hot water. I thought that was pretty awesome. Until DH told me that of course it would be that as the electricity boost for our solar hot water system is currently turned OFF! LOL.

Still, I do like my "hot water free from the sun". :-)

All in all, I think we're doing okay.

Travelling home today my DD (who is not quite 7) made the comment that they shouldn't use their gameboys too much as it will use up the batteries and then they'd have to use electricity to charge them. :-) I thought that was quite sweet. We explained to her that it is okay to *use* electricity. What we're trying to achieve with our electricity challenge is to make sure we're not *wasting* electricity. And of course, looking for ways in which we can reduce our usage (without feeling deprived). Often overuse of electricity (at least in our case) is more about habits than anything else.

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