Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just Cos I Wanna.....

I coloured my hair this morning just cos I wanna..... :-) I picked up a packet of hair colour for $1 on the Coles bargain shelf last week. It's one of those that wash out in 6-8 washes. Loooooonnnnnnggggg time since I've used one of those. In fact, it took me back to my teenage years when it was about all I could afford in the way of hair colour on my $3 a week allowance. LOL. And they were more than $1 even back then!

As I was standing in the bathroom adding chemical goop (yeah must research more natural forms of colouring) to my hair, I was thinking about the contrast between me as a teenager and me as a mother. As a teenager it seems to be quite "normal" to do things simply because we "wanna". As a mother it's easy to go to the other extreme and not do ANYTHING simply cos we "wanna".

So, is it okay to do things simply because you feel like it. Or is that considered selfish? I guess I was of the opinion that it was selfish. Not consciously. I just thought it was the right thing to put myself last. WRONG!!! In putting myself last, I ended up in a state that made me of no use to anyone.

It comes down to a matter of balance doesn't it? We can't really all go back to our teenage years of all fun and no responsibility (not that I was ever *really* one of those). But does that really mean we can't have ANY fun? Nah!!!! I just forgot how for a little while.

So I'm feeling really proud of myself today for doing something that really had no purpose and took up time that I really *could* have spent doing something else. Instead I chose to do something "just cos I wanna". :-)

I've decided it's time to relive my adolescence (is that called a mid life crisis? lol). Not all of it, just the fun bits. After all, my definition of maturity even back then was "knowing when it's appropriate to be immature". :-) We don't have enough FUN anymore. It's time to have FUN!!!!! Are ya with me?????


Ali said...

good on you for dying your hair ~ and at $1, what a bargain!!

I could do with a bit more Fun. so I'm with you :)

Precious_1 said...

you preach it sista!! Seriously though I think we need to balance it. If we don't have fun some of the time how on earth are we meant to cope the rest of the time!?!?

Kin said...

Good for you!

I'm getting my hair done on Friday. It doesn't *really* need it, but I'm working so much at the moment, I'd like to look nice. And my hairdreser's been away for 8 weeks, and I've missed her LOL.

Sometimes the best way we can take care of other people, is to take care of ourselves. And have fun!

Jayne d'Arcy said...

It's always a good idea to think of yourself once in awhile. It makes life more special.

Anonymous said...

Great timing. I just journaled about this yesterday,when I realised that by always being responsible and putting my needs last after everyone else (read being a martyr)wasn't good for anyone. I will treat myself as well as I treat my family

cheers Lenny

Mimi said...

Yeah you can have fun once in a while... in fact if you forget to have fun... you aren't much Bun to be around !!!

Mimi said...

oh man I can't spell either!!!
I mean You won't be much Fun

Kelley said...

so you want me to come over and pick nailpolishes with you?


And lucky you with your bargain hair colour! I need THREE boxes for mine!

Precious_1 said...

I LOVE cheap hair dye. I need two boxes and aint fussy about the colour. Frequently though it is the bright bright reds that are on sale and that suits me just fine!! lmao

Scott said...

"One of the most valuable uses of time is to waste it" - I wish I could remember who said that!

Harriet Archer said...

I so hear you on the whole not wanting to be the grown up all the time thing.

I am the designated adult in my family, and I am soooo sick of it. I have the biggest adolescent POUT on today that it really is quite funny. I've been writing "I hate you" stuff in my (paper) journal and lolling about in my pjs.

In fact, the only reason I am going to get out of them at all is because they are too grotty to go shopping and out for lunch in!

And I am going to have some FUN!!!!!!

(ok, seriously bad mood here, just going to have to shop my way out of it)

Vic Jodi

lightening said...

Kelley - I would LOVE you to come over. Anytime for any reason! :-)

Scott - interesting quote. I wonder why we get it into our heads that wasting a little time is a *bad* thing. Always being "productive" is the fastest way to unproductivity isn't it.

Thanks everyone for your comments. I'm glad it's a topic that resonates with all of us. :-)

Erin! said...

Ooh i haven't dyed my hair all year and I really do miss it. I used to change colour every second month, but I can no longer afford to go to the hairdresser more than once a year and even packet dyes (need 2 when it is shoulder length) are quite expensive.

Now in saying that about the expense, coles has a tonne of them marked right down at the moment to clear them off the shelves before they go out of date, but i just can't bring myself to buy them after listening to my cellular and neurophysiology lecture about what they do to you health wise.

Might have to look into the more natural dyes and see if they are any better.

As for FUN, i have noticed that after martyring for so long, i have somewhat forgotten how to have fun without putting effort into enjoying it. BUT when i do have fun, I know about it later because my face actually hurts from smiling and my stomach hurts from laughing. Which is a good indication that i don't do either of those activities anywhere near as much as I should.

Oh well at least I have one fun activity, I can go pull splinters and make DBF howl and that is a very good form of exercise as well as FUN. Pity it is now very limited as to WHEN it can happen because he is working long hours and too tired most days, so pretty much only every second weekend when the kids are at their fathers house.

Might have to try and convince the kids that walking is fun. They love going to the library so I am going to try and convince them to walk there and back (oh that is NOT GOING TO BE FUN WITH DS until he gets used to it). Thankfully a new book to read is a fantastic form of bribery with my two, so we may start getting some more family orientated exercise soon.