Friday, September 7, 2007

September Menu Plan

Well I'm running a few days behind with posting this month's menu plan. Ooops. LOL. Anyway, here it is....

1st Scrambled Eggs
2nd Meat Pie, Chips & Salad
3rd Tuna Patties
4th Away
5th Away
6th Vegetable Bake
7th Blade Steak with leftover Vegetable Bake
8th Lasagne
9th Leftover Lasagne
10th Garfish
11th Corned Beef
12th Southern Fried Chicken Strips
13th Soup
14th Pizza
15th Turkey Rissoles
16th Yellow Bread (French Toast)
17th Tuna Mornay
18th Roast Lamb
19th Lamb in Gravy
20th Pasta Bake
21st Southern Fried Chicken
22nd Sausages in Gravy
23rd Quiche
24th Snapper in Fish Coating
25th Roast Chicken
26th Leftover Chicken
27th Macaroni Cheese with Vegetables
28th Hamburgers
29th Chops
30th Pancakes

Most of our meals are served with a variety of 4-5 different vegetables. Which vegetables will depend on what's on sale any given week. I usually do potato and then 2 green and 2 yellow/orange veg with a substitution of purple/red veg for one of the other coloured veg when I can get it.

As it happens, I already have all of the meat I need for this months menu so I will just be buying meat as it comes on sale as a "restock". I try to do this most months as it really helps the budget if I don't HAVE to buy meat any particular week. I find some weeks a lot of what we eat is on sale and other weeks there'll be nothing.

To make it easier, I base our menu plan around the following guide:

Monday - Fish (one week we'll have tuna and the next we'll have fresh fish - the tuna helps to balance the cost of the fresh fish)

Tuesday - Usually a crockpot meal or a Roast (also done in the crockpot)

Wednesday - Something easy as it's my town day. Usually there are leftovers from the night before than can easily be turned into something different by adding a gravy or other sauce.

Thursday - No/Low Meat Meal like a pasta or rice dish or soup.

Friday - Fake Take Away night

Saturday - Meat & Veg

Sunday - Something Simple like quiche, pancakes, leftovers etc.

We don't have dessert as a "regular" thing but I usually try to plan something for a Friday night as part of our "Family Night". Other nights we'll tend to have dessert if DH feels like it. LOL. Then it's usually tinned fruit with ice cream.


Kin said...

Definitely some variety there! I do the same as you re meat, but on a weekly basis :p because my freezer isn't that big ;-)

Kelley said...

So do you cook them on specific dates or do you use it as a guide? I tend to plan 10 meals and then pick on the day which one I feel like.
Like Kin, I agree you have lots of variety! I need to do my menu plan, thanks for the reminder!

lightening said...

Those are the actual dates I tend to cook them on. I actually print them off in a calendar style format for the month. The kids really enjoy being able to see what's for tea (and I HATE being asked the question so it suits me too). BUT, it's not totally inflexible. In fact, this one has already changed from what I'd originally planned earlier in the month. LOL. I often finish the month with a couple of *spare* meals too as things like being out etc means we don't have what's planned.

If I left it up to what I *felt* like cooking on the day - not sure I'd ever cook. I hate deciding what's for dinner so prefer to get it over and done with once a month.

Your way of doing things is great. But it would still involve me having to decide from that list of 10 meals, so it doesn't really work for me.

Kin - I have 2 freezers and they're both FULL at the moment. Not very often that happens. And I need to create some room in them as we're getting 1/2 cow in a few weeks time.