Monday, September 3, 2007

10 Frugal Things

This is my Tuesday post. I have to post it Monday night but it is *meant* to be my post for Tuesday. So if the date says Monday, you'll just have to pretend. LOL. :-)

Recently a topic was started on the Simple Living network encouraging people to share 10 things that they do to stay frugal. She was in particular looking for those that perhaps were "less common or obvious".

I thought it was a great topic for discussion so I've copied my own response here:

"Great thread. I think even the really "obvious" ones are still new to someone at some time. I know only about 3 years ago I was one of those "someone's".

1. Tracking our spending has to be the biggest one for us in terms of how much difference it has made to our spending.

2. Having goals for the "why's" of frugality.

3. Putting a debt chart up on our office wall as a visual reminder of what we're trying to achieve (that's finished now so I need a new visual reminder).

4. Having some pictures of our sponsored children on our family room wall as a constant reminder of how much we truly do have.

5. Regular decluttering. I find I'm less inclined to buy things when I'm in declutter mode.

6. Being part of a forum like this where there is regular encouragement, inspiration and like minded people.

7. Becoming more aware of the damage consumerism is doing to our environment - I find money alone isn't always a good motivator but something like the environment helps keep me on track.

8. Budgetting a small amount for "treats" and having that in cash so that we never really feel deprived and know if we really want something we can. Now that we give ourselves spending money I can understand why the kids always want to spend my money and not their own - it's kind of nice to hold onto. LOL.

9. Menu planning - seems to cut down both our grocery bill AND our take away bill.

10. Knowing prices - with groceries, clothing etc. Taking time to shop around, waiting for sales etc.

Wow - I'm actually amazed that I came up with 10. I thought I'd only have a couple to share."

So, now it's over to you. What 10 things do you do to stay frugal?


Ali said...

Let's see if I can write 10!!

1. Stockpile groceries when on special
2. Have buckets in the shower to collect water, use it to flush toilet &/or water plants
3. Use the library instead of buying heaps or books/magazines
4. I only ever use the small flush on the tiolet ~ been doing this for a few months and not had any problems!
5. Limit time in shower
6. Hardly use lighting at night ` only if necessary ~ save $ on power
7. Limit time when computer is on ~ save $ on power
8. Only eat out occasionally as a "treat" and then have the $10 special at our local surf club!
9. Recycle and reuse as much as possible.
10. I cook more things from scratch now

wow, I got to 10 :)

Dora Renee' Wilkerson said...

Sorry, it has taken me so long to visit. We have been on the road for one thing or another the last few days.
I love Frugal tips!! Anytime I can save a penny I try. It's better a penny with me then with someone
I love your blog. I am going back to read more.
Thanks for stopping by and visiting my site also.

Dora Renee' Wilkerson

lightening said...

Well done Ali - some great ideas there. Thanks for sharing. :-)

Welcome Dora. Thanks for dropping by and also for leaving a comment.

Anonymous said...

I have a set allowance per month to spend on food, clothes for the children etc. and NO more. I stick to it. If it gets spent too early tough. Go without.

I save every plastic bag for re-use. But on saying that I try not to get them in the first place.

I fill bin bags to FULL on Fridays for the dustbin men and stick to 3 per week. We have 3 children but most if not all of this is plastic food wrappings and packaging - paper, bottles glass and plastic all go to re-cycling.

I do not buy or spend unless it is on our shopping list. Our list is 'Is it on our shopping list ?'. 'Do we want it?'. ' Do we NEED it'? Are we going to be upset if we walk out of here and never see it again ?'.

Buy all offers ONLY if you use them.

I compost all I can.

Save and freeze even very small amounts of food. It is amazing what meals can be produced from a collection of small left overs. You can get a fantastic soup from these left overs.

Only buy 'Things' on Birthdays and Christmas'. Write a list of things you REALLY want and wait for them. You will appreciate them all the more and then at these times you will only get gifts that you actually WANT and really WANT. Otherwise you end up with useless ' STUFF' for presents.

Appreciate EVERY item in your house and it's memory of how it came to you. If it holds no memory throw it out.

And lastly scour the papers and specials for offers-free days out, go in for competitions, it is amazing what you can get for free.

Is that 10 ? I could go on some more. That's all folks.