Saturday, September 22, 2007

There Was an Old Woman....

...who lived in a shoe (that bit isn't me). She had so many children she didn't know what to do. That's how I feel some days. LOL.

Now according to our local hospital records, I have given birth 3 times (as long as they don't mix up my records with the other person in the district that has the same name as me lol). Yet some days it feels like many, many more.

Well, today the lounge floor looked like I had many many more children. Literally!

Look at all those babies!!! :-) One of them even cries. My youngest two had a great time playing together today. They made a HUGE mess but at least the "feralness" seemed to settle down a bit after a rough start to the day.

Oh yeah, the "Old Woman" bit isn't me either. LOL. At least I hope not! :-)

This afternoon they were playing "hairdressers". I cut both the boys hair this week so it would seem "haircutting" is a bit of a theme at the moment. I was a bit concerned about this game but they assured me that it was only pretend and they wouldn't really cut hair. They used a red castanet (2 round circles joined at one point that clack together as a percussion instrument) as the clippers which I thought was quite inventive of them. :-)

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Kez said...

Feralness seems to be a theme atm :)

Sounds like the kids had a fun day! Did you?