Saturday, September 1, 2007

New Beginnings

I love new beginnings! I love Mondays as they signal the start of a fresh week. I love mornings as they signal the start of a new day. I love babies as they signal the start of a new life. I love tiny little green shoots as they poke their heads out of the dark soil in the garden with all the promise that they bring. :-)

September 1st. The start of spring and bringing with it the promise of all things new. :-) Usually we get to this time of year and we're looking forward to shaking off the winter blues and enjoying a bit more sun. Not sure it's quite the case this year with all the warm weather in August. But, the sentiment is still there. September 1st is symbolic of "all things new". In my mind at least.

I didn't really set myself too many goals at the beginning of the year. I've just been reading over my January posts and I had some ideas of what I wanted out of this year. But I didn't really set goals as such. So I've decided I'd like to make some goals and plans for what I want to achieve between now and the end of the year.


My health has had to be a big focus this year. Particularly my mental health. I feel like we're actually getting somewhere with that. I still continue to see a counsellor on a weekly basis and it's hard to set any kind of timeline on that (as to when we'll be finished). As part of that though I am working on a reflective life story and I would like to complete that before the year ends.

Winter has proven to be a difficult month in terms of physical health. I guess there are no surprises there. That has meant that my physical fitness has declined somewhat over that time. This week I have just gotten back into exercising daily so I'm looking forward to rebuilding that fitness again over the coming months.

With the colder weather and feeling a bit blah, my healthy eating has slidden a bit. Today is the day to get back on track with that. Making healthier choices and cutting down (not out but down) on the amount of non nutritious food that I put into my body.

I'm happy about the fact that I've lost just over 10kg this year, bringing my total weight loss since my heaviest weight to just over 20kg. I have around 6-7 kg to go to reach my healthy weight range and would really like to achieve that before the end of the year.


Last weekend when we went away in the camper trailer overnight was fantastic. It was a great time for bonding as a family. It would be good if we could get away (even for a night) in the camper trailer at least 2 more times before the end of this year.

DH and I would also like to get away for a night or 2 without the kids and reconnect. It's never easy to find time to spend together when you have young kids who need a lot of time and attention.


My decluttering attempts have been very stop start so far this year. In some ways they need to take a lower priority than many other things in life. But I'm working on doing 15 minutes of decluttering a day on the days I'm up to it. I'm setting myself the goal of decluttering 15 grocery size bags (or equivalent) of clutter to be gone from this house by the end of the year. I think that's around 1 a week so not too lofty a goal.


I plan to continue on with my attempts to vegie garden. I'm hoping to be able to grow lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes, zucchini, beans, corn and pumpkin over the summer. Plus strawberries - yum!!!. We'll see how we go. Last night we had fresh lettuce and some fresh peas from the garden and the kids all thought that was great! :-)


I've made a start on a blanket for J on one of my looms which has been sidelined a bit with my dishcloth knitting attempts. I'm hoping to get that plus several dishcloths knitted. Also a felted bag for DD and a couple of other smaller projects.

I'd also like to make a start on DD's baby scrapbook. I've never scrapbooked before so I keep putting off starting. :-) If I could just get 1 page done I think that would be a good start.


Our budget was already trimmed at the beginning of the year. So far I've been happy with the attempts that I've made to keep it down even further. I'm not sure how much of a surplus we're likely to end up with this year but I need to keep reminding myself that it's already been cut back drastically so simply getting through the year without running out of money is an achievement in itself. This will all get reviewed in January, ready for a new budget to begin on February 1st.

We'll be working on the electricity challenge for the next few months. That and not overspending on Christmas are probably my 2 financial challenges for the rest of this year.


I'm already well on my way to organising presents for this year, including some I've made myself which is something new for me. I like to have the present buying etc wrapped up by 1st December if I can.

In past years I've kept a change jar to use for special treats for both Christmas and the January holidays. I've been a bit slack on that this year so I'm going to try and focus on that over the next few months and see if I can generate a few $$ toward these.

We haven't made any decisions about where we'll be Christmas Day this year. Last year we did something unique and snuck away in the camper trailer for a couple of nights. It was our first Christmas with just our family and wonderfully simple and relaxed. If DH's sister decides to come home this year I guess we'll be under a certain amount of pressure to spend Christmas with his family. I guess we'll just wait and see what pans out. My family has already had *Christmas*. They celebrated while they were all together in July. We couldn't make it unfortunately.

So there is plenty happening and plenty to do. But not so much that I'm feeling overwhelmed so I think I have the balance about right for now. :-) Makes for a nice change.


Ali said...

you sound very organised for the remainder of the year! Your goals are great as they're all attainable.

Congratulations on the weight loss ~ you've done really well and should be proud of yourself :)

lightening said...

Thanks Ali. :-)

Morgan said...

Lightening - What an apt name you've chosen. Since this is my first visit to your site, I'm not well versed in all that you're going through, but I do wish you the best.
I hope you feel better, get better and have the best of all that matters.
Regarding your cooking and vegetable growing, there are some wonderful sites that will help you in your endeavors. Just 'Google' whatever it is you wish to know and I'm sure you'll find some excellent tips and ideas.
The best to you and yours.

lightening said...

Welcome Morgan and thanks for reading and commenting. :-) The internet is fantastic for ideas and knowledge isn't it. I hope you drop by again soon. :-)

Kelley said...

Very impressive! You should be so proud of your weight loss, your doing amazing!
Do you mind if I join you in the decluttering challenge and do the same on my blog? It is a fantastic idea and will keep me motivated trying to keep up with you, LOL.

lightening said...

Sure thing Kelley. The more the merrier when it comes to decluttering. :-) I decided a separate blog post every time I declutter a bag might be a little over the top whereas a little side bar that I can update whenever keeps me on track and lets others know where I'm up to. Look forward to watching your progress too.

Kelley said...

Thanks! I have done it and given credit where credit is due!