Saturday, September 15, 2007

The Powers of Broccoli

Last night we took our children to "Crossing the Gap" which is a group of motorcyclists that do jumps and fancy stuff with their bikes etc. On the way home at around 9pm we expected our 3 year old to fall asleep fairly quickly. However, he was full of beans and couldn't stop talking about the bikes and making the noises and talking about how he could do all of that. LOL. Mum (that being me) is sitting in the front seat wondering about the wisdom of having taking him to see such stunts. This conversation follows:

DS: I will do that with my bike.
Mum: Will you? Maybe when you're bigger. (I'm imagining him riding his bike off the end of our sheep loading ramp).
DS: I will do that tomorrow. (I was thinking maybe like in 20 years or more) When I'm bigger.
Mum: I think you should wait until you're a bit bigger.
DS: Broccoli will make me bigger. Tomorrow.

At this point I'm trying hard not to laugh too loudly. I'm not sure even broccoli can make him big enough by tomorrow. And at the rate he eats broccoli (like never) it's going to take a long time before that'll help make him bigger. :-) Perhaps he means he's going to start eating broccoli tomorrow - the kind of tomorrow that never comes.

Can I be fussy and want the broccoli tomorrow to come but not the tomorrow where he starts jumping bikes (with or without a motor) into the air off a high ramp? :-)

Just after this conversation, all went quiet in the backseat of the car and I turned around to look at him and he's fast asleep!!! Must have taken him all of 20 seconds after his last sentence to fall asleep. I love how kids can just drop off so quickly. Wish I had that knack!

And while we're on the subject of kids making us laugh. DH has just appeared at the doorway to the office. The vacuum cleaner has been running in DS's room for a few minutes now. DH appears holding the end to the vacuum cleaner wondering how DS is going vacuuming his room. ???? It's going to take him quite a while to cover his floor with just the hose end of the vacuum. LOL. I guess it was too much bother for him to find the end to the vacuum cleaner. So instead of taking a few seconds to look for it, he takes MUCH longer to vacuum the floor instead. Gotta love a 9 year olds logic. LOL.


emma.jean said...

Thanks for the laughs, Jodi! Oddly enough, broccoli is one of the few vegies P (DS6) doesn't mind...

Louise said...

All of a sudden your rss feed is not displaying the whole of your posts...

Ali said...

your son is funny lol :)

lightening said...

Thanks Louise. I've been playing around with my settings a bit. Trying to work out the best thing to do.

DS makes me laugh quite a bit. He's very busy today helping dad prepare the site for *his* (as in DS's) shed. We're putting up a garden shed (well we will be) and DS has already claimed it. LOL.