Friday, September 14, 2007

Op Shopping

While we were away, I popped into another op shop. I basically only have 2 op shops that I visit when I can. Neither of them are close to where I live. I've tried others but these are the 2 I've had the most success with so I tend to stick with them. I don't think all op shops are equal. Some are well laid out to make it easier to find things. Others have a crowded mess which I find somewhat overwhelming. Some are a lot cheaper than others. If I can buy something brand new from a discount rack for cheaper than an op shop item is priced, I'm going to leave it in the op shop (unless it's something I REALLY like or have found hard to find).

My mood will often determine how successful I am when it comes to op shopping. If I'm going to spend most of the day shopping (as is sometimes the case due to our location), I need to visit the op shop first while I'm feeling fresh and in the mood for browsing. If I'm not feeling like browsing, I'll tend to give the op shops a miss as I'll do a quick walk round and then leave again. Those kinds of visits don't seem to yield any "finds".

Op shops also present something of a danger for people like myself who get a real "buzz" out of finding a bargain. There's a temptation to purchase things simply to get a "bargain". But it's not a true bargain unless it's something you really need or can make good use of. In my early days of op shopping, there were items I bought and never used. They ended up back at the op shop and my couple of dollars was essentially wasted (thankfully not completely wasted as most op shops make use of the money in the community - sadly not all these days though).

I was very proud of myself on Tuesday. I found the most beautiful winter jacket in DD's size that I almost bought. Had it been a size bigger I would have snapped it up. However, chances are, with the colder days coming to an end, it would have taken up space in her cupboard only to need to be redonated next year as she's likely to have gone up a size by next winter. So I left it for someone else to enjoy.

It's been a while since I've visited this particular op shop. I don't find them all that great for kids clothes but I found quite a few things for myself this trip.

These are both 3/4 pants so will be great for summer. All of my pants from last summer are now too big, so being able to pick up a few from the op shops will certainly help with restocking my wardrobe. I now have 5 pairs of 3/4 pants for the summer - ALL of them have come from op shops. :-)

This jumper is so warm and soft. I actually

found 2 jumpers that I liked but decided to only buy 1 and this was my favourite. It's a Sussan brand so should be of reasonable quality.

This is a plain long sleeve top for me. It's a lot more purple in colour than the photo is showing. I'm not sure yet whether I'll attempt to add something to the front to jazz it up a little or whether I'll just leave it plain.

I couldn't resist this skirt when I saw it. It's in immaculate condition. The top is a cardigan with a single button. I have a nice pink tank top that I think would go well underneath. Now all I need is a reason to wear it somewhere. LOL.

As an added bonus, they were having a sale on clothing. This particular shop is a little more expensive than my other favourite op shop but all items of clothing were on sale for $2 each this week so my additions to my wardrobe cost me a whole $12.00. Can't complain about that kind of price tag! :-)

I'm always on the lookout for books for my 9 year old DS. He is a very avid reader and devours books very quickly. I love some of the older books and we don't own many books in the "small novel" type range. I think he'll really enjoy these old Choose Your Own Adventure books. DH was very pleased with my find. He told me that even he enjoyed reading choose your own adventure books. And he's not what you'd call an avid reader. :-) They cost me $1 each. I don't come across books like these very often. There are plenty of old cookbooks, magazines and adult romance books in op shops but not so many books suitable for children.

So another successful haul. Sadly, still haven't come across any wool/yarn bargains in the op shops yet. I'll keep looking though. :-)


Ali said...

you do so well at the op shops ~ what great finds :) ~ the only thing I've bought recently other than a couple of books is a pr. of shorts for $3

Kin said...

Great finds! Our op shops are abysmal. Despite assurances to the contrary clothes are not transported to different towns, and I often find my own clothes in there!!

Added to that especially kids clothes that are sold should all be rags, well, I wouldn't want them for my kids, and especially not at $2. I feel another rant post coming on LOL.

I was spoilt in the UK too, op shops are more expensive, but you tend to only find either brand new clothes, or lightly used designer clothes, as all their basic clothes are shipped overseas (I reckon to my hometown but anyway ;) )

I probably should go more often, but I never find much good at home, when I'm away however hehe.

Anonymous said...

What another great find you have had and well done for persevering through those racks and baskets of clothes and goodies...also for being able to discern what you will use and avoid those items which will one day return to the op shop..... I have to be the same in some of those bargain $2 shops too, and I only go in if I have something in mind. I too have to be in the right mood to go hunting....but it sure is fun when you make it so. Great to hear you also had a great time with DH - a well deserved break I am sure. LS

lightening said...

Ali - well done on the shorts. It is frustrating when you don't find anything so it's nice to at least come across something occasionally.

Kin - it's hard when you're restricted the way you are. I like to have a poke around while we're on holidays when I get the time.

LS - I know totally what you mean about $2 shops. When I decided to be more careful with our spending, the first thing I did was stop going to cheap shops unless I was looking for something specific.