Tuesday, June 12, 2007

One of Those Days

Ever had one of those days where you know you have heaps that needs doing but you spin in circles not knowing where to start? The kind of day where you wish you could just crawl back into bed and the shine of being a stay at home mum and repeating the same tasks over and over has well and truly worn off. I think I'm having one of those days.

I think I'm just a bit weary from the long weekend. Having the kids home 3 days straight (4 days if you count DD being home sick today), visiting extended family (which included travelling 150km each way) and then having other extended family visit us on the Monday. It was all wonderful but quite tiring. And for anyone who doesn't know I'm recovering from a nervous breakdown I had just over 12 months ago so being around people wears me out even more so than normal. I have one of those personalities that loses energy around people rather than gaining energy - apparently about 20% of the population is like that. So it's not overly common and yet a lot more common than I ever thought.

Even the thought of pottering today was more than my mind could cope with. Instead I've just been deciding on the 2 most important things that need doing (so started with putting tea on and a load of washing). Once that was done and I'd had a break I'd decide on the next 2 most important things that needed doing. Somehow that seems to have broken my day up into teeny tiny little babysteps and I've managed to get enough things done that I can finally breathe a little easier.

I really hate days like this where it feels like my rib cage is squeezing the life out of me and no matter how much I try to do - I'm never satisfied. I think it's my perfectionism coming to the fore. And it's always worse when I'm tired.

I decided I wanted to find a picture to go with this blog post to make it a little more interesting. When I searched "tired housewife" in google images one of the images it came up with was this one. Now instead of feeling grumpy about my day I'm feeling thankful that I have an electric washing machine - along with all the other mod cons that make life at home that little bit easier. :-) I know our lives are different now - not better or worse or easier or harder, just different. But I'm still glad I don't have to do the washing by hand!!! :-)


Anonymous said...

Sounds like baby steps are a great idea to me, and by the sounds of it they actually work, so you dont get overwhelmed. Doesnt matter what others think, as long as you get through your day without getting overloaded!
Thanks for your honesty too. Great to know there are real people in this world!

Anonymous said...

I understand completely about being tired when people are around because the same thing happens to me - we are known as introverts I think. Personally though, I think you deserve a day off with all that you got through yesterday! (I felt tired just reading about it!)
Madly Saving.

lightening said...

LS - I think if we could all be just a little more real, we wouldn't be so hard on ourselves trying to meet some illusive objective of being the "perfect mum". I do have to be careful though as I have this tendency to give the illusion that I'm an "open book" as a way of protecting the rest of me. I guess we all have parts of us that are vulnerable and need a little more protecting. I do want people to know though (and to remind myself as I'm often too hard on myself) that we all have bad days where life gets on top of us (whether that's housework, family, work outside the home etc etc etc) and that's okay. :-)

Madly Saving - sounds like you and I are discovering we have more and more in common. :-) You know I always thought an introvert was a quiet, shy person and that doesn't describe me at all unless I'm in a situation where I'm uncomfortable. Then one day I heard someone describe an introvert as someone who loses energy when they're around people and an extrovert is someone who gains energy from being around people. This person was a popular public speaker (very up front, out there kind of person) and yet admitted he was actually an introvert. That made sooooo much more sense to me as for a long time I was in conflict about whether I'd consider myself an introvert or an extrovert (I felt like I was a bit of both). Now I understand that I am an introvert but that doesn't mean I can't get up in front of people or have wild, crazy or loud kind of moments too. LOL. Some of my friends laugh at me when I way I'm shy but actually I am pretty shy a lot of the time (until I feel more comfortable).