Monday, June 4, 2007

Menu Plan for June

I've just finalised our menu plan for June and thought I would post it here. I like to use the monthly menu planning sheet from although she has yet to upload June's planner to her website.

To be honest I don't really like menu planning. In fact, I don't really like having to decide what to make for dinner. The good thing about menu planning is I can get the "pain" all over and done with in one hit. LOL. And most people who menu plan claim it saves them money on their grocery bill.

Now my menu plan is likely to change a few times within the month. It's not something I adhere to strictly and most months I end the month with a couple of meals that haven't been used for one reason or another.

Anyway, here it is. Most of the time I just plan the meat portion and we usually have 4-5 in season steamed vegetables with it.

1st Hamburgers
2nd Homemade Pumpkin soup with homemade Soy & Linseed bread
3rd Leftover pumpkin soup and homemade chicken & vegetable pies
4th Tuna Patties
5th Corned Beef
6th Leftover Corned Beef in white sauce
7th Fried Rice
8th Hot Dogs
9th Chops
10th Pancakes
11th Garfish
12th Spaghetti Bolognese
13th Mince & Lentil Loaf (going to try a variation on the lentil loaf I tried a while back)
14th Macaroni Cheese
15th Homemade Pizza
16th Sausages in Gravy
17th Quiche
18th Tuna Mornay
19th Lasagne
20th Leftover lasagne
21st Soup
22nd Southern Fried Chicken
23rd Sausage Rolls
24th Toasties
25th Red Snapper
26th Roast Beef
27th Diced Beef in gravy (using leftovers from roast)
28th Pasta Bake
29th Hamburgers
30th Turkey Patties

The best thing is that I have all of this on hand at the moment. The only thing I actually need to buy is a packet of hamburger rolls. Plus fresh vegies of course. Any meats that are on special in the next 4 weeks I'll buy to use for next months menu plan.


Anonymous said...

Hey, you are awesomely organised and I can sure learn a thing or two from you. I had a brief look at site too and its filled with the most amazing details and hints, for reality living! I also know a friend who asks her kids (now teens) to choose one fav meal each week so she adds it to their weekly meal planner. Says it works a dream and saves many complaints!Keep up the good work! Have an awesome day!

emma said...

Thanks for posting this Jodi. Agree with previous commenter - you do a fabulous job of eating on a budget. I am still struggling with this but I think I'm improving... :)