Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I Love Surprises!!!

Last night my counsellor arrived bearing gifts. That took me by surprise. A lovely gift basket with some nice pampering type things in it. Some kind person had donated some money to her organisation for people on the land doing it tough at the moment. It was a lovely gift basket full of the kinds of things you perhaps wouldn't buy when money is tight (shower gel, hand cream and all kinds of things). It felt like my birthday had come a week early. :-) A complete stranger (well I'm making the assumption it's a stranger) gave something of theirs (money) without any consideration of thanks or praise (anonymously) to someone they know nothing about (other than that they're on the farm and farming hasn't been real great these past few years). It's kind of mind blowing really. At least to me it is.

It got me thinking about giving and receiving. I'm not very good at receiving at times. Often I feel undeserving for one reason or another. I wouldn't want anyone else to miss out on my account. And yet in order to give people the blessing that comes from giving, someone has to receive. I've decided I need to work on being able to receive graciously.

Then comes the giving side of a coin. How amazing is it when we receive something that we don't deserve - or something completely unexpected. It brings with it a really special feeling of warmth and caring. So this week I'm going to consider what I can do to give to someone else "just because". Not necessarily anything big or expensive but something to let them know I'm thinking of them and want to bring a smile to their face. Will have to think some more on this one as to who and what.

Wouldn't the world be a wonderful place if we all took the attitude of giving to one another out of love rather than out of obligation? And if we were more willing to accept things graciously (without the - what's in this for them type suspicion we sometimes have).

I would love to begin each day with the thought - what can I do today to bring a smile to someone's face?


Anonymous said...

A while back on Australian story they featured a man who decided to give back to the farming communities after his wife died. He travels the country, giving parcels out to farm wives to encourage them. It was a beautiful story! Did you see it?
Blessing others does not need to cost much, even an SMS to an old friend, a homemade card, a note in the lunchbox, even a smile makes someones day! Even an anonymous letter to tell them you are thinking of them! That sure keeps them guessing. If we all made an effort to encourage one other person each day, we'd all be changed on the inside hey?
Can't wait to hear some of your and others special ways to boost others!

lightening said...

No I didn't see that story on Australian Stories. Sounds like an amazing experience for all involved. I have just read Sara Henderson's book about her life on a station and that was a REAL eye opener. Nothing like what we have here (which these days isn't all that different to city living in many ways).

Kez said...

What a great gift! Enjoy it!