Saturday, June 9, 2007

Mum's Salon

I have another item to add to my list of "101 things I thought I'd never do". Cutting hair. I blame it all on DH really. He decided to buy himself a set of those hair clippers and then wanted ME to use them. I remember the first time I used them. I was literally shaking, wondering what kind of disaster I was going to make of his hair. LOL. Fortunately clippers are fairly foolproof. The biggest problem is making sure I don't pull the hair.

What a buzz it gave me to look at his hair and know that I had done that! LOL. I was quite proud of myself. Then came the time in between cuts where just a little trimming was required around the ears and at the back of the head. I was amazed at myself when Í didn't make a total hash of that either. :-)

So I figured if I could trim DH's hair okay, perhaps I'd try giving DD a trim. Worst case scenario I'd have to ship her off to the hairdresser to fix it up a bit. That didn't turn out too badly either.

Next I decided that if I gave DS a little trim in between his hairdresser visits, I could save a few dollars by stretching out the time between visits. He likes his hair as short as possible so other than some straggly bits around the ears and back, his hair didn't need cutting quite as often. When he got a little older, he decided he liked dad's idea of a very short cut (then I won't have to brush it mum). Fine with me - meant he didn't need to go the hairdresser at all.

The great thing about DS liking his hair but with the clippers meant I had a guinea pig to practise on. With his permission I did an experimental cut on his hair which ended up turning out quite well. So I went ahead and used the same style to cut the younger DS's hair.

Yesterday I gave my 9 year old DS the choice of me cutting his hair or going to the hairdresser. He decided he wanted me to do it. With school photo's coming up I didn't really want to clipper his hair (I prefer it a bit longer for school photo's). I usually prefer to take the kids to the hairdresser if we have some kind of event coming up (like Christmas, school photo's, a wedding etc) so I was a bit nervous about cutting his hair in case I made a mistake. Fortunately there's still a few weeks until photo's so I knew it would have time to grow between now and then (his hair grows pretty fast). I was still relieved when it turned out okay though.

My latest project is my own hair. I've read an idea where you can put your hair up in a ponytail on top of your head and give it a trim that way. You end up with a layered effect (my hair is already layered so that was fine with me). I gave it a bit of a try yesterday and it seems to have turned out okay. I wasn't game to trim too much off though so some lengths haven't been trimmed. If I get game I'll give it another go but we'll see.

So there you have it. From the odd clipper cut and trim to cutting the whole family's hair. Definitely something I thought I would never do!


Kez said...

I do hubbys (clippers) & sons (scissors) - wish I could do mine but I have short hair and no co-ordination when looking in the mirror!

lightening said...

LOL - yes that whole backwards thing with the mirror is a bit of a headache isn't it. I wouldn't even attempt to cut mine if it were short. Never thought I'd attempt to cut it long either. LOL. The things we do...

emma said...

I cut my own hair (it's long and I always wear it up, so I just divide into two halves and chop) but I tried once to do the boys and decided not to do it again.

lightening said...

You do well to be able to cut your own hair like that Emma. I think it does depend on what styles suit your children as to how easy it is to cut their hair yourself or not. Not that it's something I'd have ever pictured myself doing anyway.