Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Final Grocery shop for June

Well I spent $18.77 on groceries today. Wasn't in need of much after a stock up last week (plus some free pumpkin we were kindly given on Sunday). That brings my total spend for the month of June to $399.46. How's that for just scraping in under $400! :-) My average spend so far this year is now $99.93 per week.

What will July bring? Dunno yet. Only 4 Wednesdays again in July so if I want to continue my challenge I need to keep spending under $400 again. School Holidays may be a challenge as the kids often eat more during the holidays than they do at school. I don't mind a challenge though so we'll see how we go.


Kez said...

Happy Dance for you!!

Anonymous said...

Yay!! Well done - very inspiring!
Madly Saving

Kin said...

Awesome work!

I am currently (just) keeping under my $125 a week budget. I think once my meat stock run out I'm going to try and get it a bit lower.

Just averaged it out, I'm coming in at $123 a week, which is pretty good really. If I could just get organised and cook the kids pancakes or something for breakfast I would save heaps on cereal. It's just too convenient though isn't it? And yes, we spend about $20 on cereal a week. Gah!

lightening said...

Ow, $20 a week on cereal. I'm not sure what we would spend. A box of generic weetbix and about half a packet of generic oats is probably what we're going through at the moment. So about $3. It does vary through the year though. In summer DH and I tend to eat muesli style cereals (I've been making my own in recent times).

I've been trying to work out if something like pancakes would be cheaper than cereal but even if it was I don't think the savings for us would be enough to warrant the organisation/effort. Plus we have pancakes as a main meal every couple of months and those savings are significant so figure I'm better off doing that.

Have you considered ways to cut the cost of your cereal just a little bit? Stretching them with a packet of generic something or rather to make whatever it is last a tiny bit longer?

Kin said...

The kids are hooked on nutra-grain ($10 a week). DH eats an Uncle Toby's Plus cereal ($7 a week) and so do I, but mine lasts two weeks $3.50 a week). I've cut back to cereal 4 days a week, and make toast or bacon and eggs or boiled eggs on the other days. We often have pancakes on Saturday morning if we can.

I can sometimes get away with the girls having cheerios, and the 3.5 year old is starting to get a bit more adventurous, but won't go back to the weet-bix, not that she ever ate the generic one either.

I'm not sure if cheerios are cheaper per serve than Nutra Grain. Might have to check that out.