Sunday, September 2, 2007

Happy Father's Day!

Today is Father's Day here in Australia. We began the day nice and early when our 3 year old woke up and then woke his older sister up so she could play with him. :-) I told them it was okay to wake up their 9 year old brother as he'd sleep through almost anything.

We did presents in bed. The kids had some hand-made cards and DD had also made a book about her dad. They're always the best presents aren't they. :-) I've been picking up all kinds of little treats over the past month or so. Capaccino sachets, chocolate, magazines, nuts... that kind of thing. So that should keep DH going for at least a day or so. LOL.

I did buy him a very "traditional" present. A box of hankies. In my defense - that was what he asked for for Father's Day. :-) He's not exactly a hard man to please.

And just in time for our electricity challenge, we also bought him a solar powered light for his shed and one of those torches that you wind up instead of running on batteries. :-) I love giving gifts that will pay for themselves over time! In terms of saving us money in the future that is.

The kids were so sweet about the Father's Day breakfast. J (the 9 year old) decided in honour of Father's Day we should get out the good plates, glasses and cutlery. So he and his sister set the table very nicely while I cooked bacon and eggs. J was having a wonderful time getting everything organised. He buttered the toast and then when I had added the bacon and eggs, he served each person at the table - carrying the plate on the palm of his hand with quite a bit of flair. :-)

It was lovely to all eat breakfast together as a family. We tend to sit down to the evening meal together but it's rare that we'll all be there at breakfast at the same time. Quite interesting to drink orange juice from a wine glass while still wearing my pyjamas too!!! LOL. And an interesting sight to have a waiter wearing pyjama's (and they weren't even matching tops and bottoms lol). DH was the only one dressed as he'd had a shower while we got breakfast organised.

Then we were off to church with a BBQ lunch afterward. Stopped by to see DH's dad on the way home but he was out so we left the present and card with his mum. I'll ring my dad later and he'll have to wait a few weeks for his present.

We've not been home long. I've had a cuppa with DH and helped him eat some of his nibblies. :-) Then I told him he should relax and watch footy this afternoon. So what's he doing right now? Hanging clothes on the line!!! I guess he might sit down and watch the footy after that.

So I hope those of you who are celebrating Father's Day in some shape or form today have an enjoyable one. :-)

I think it's a great reminder to show those we love how much we do love and appreciate them. Whether that be with a card, a call or a hug - it doesn't have to be expensive to say "I love you". :-)


Ali said...

glad you all had a good day. My hubbies name is Jason and my daughter calls him (he's her step father) Jad instead of dad so she made him a card with Jaddy on the front ~ he LOVED it :)

lightening said...

Oh Ali - that is beautiful! :-)

leela said...

I hope your husband has a wonderful day. It sounds like he really deserves it.