Saturday, September 15, 2007

Christmas Dishcloths

I was quite excited recently to spot this green, red and white variegated cotton in Spotlight. I hadn't planned on knitting any dishcloths just yet (as I have plenty) but the idea of washing dishes with a CHRISTMAS dishcloth really appealed to me. LOL. Here's a photo of my first attempt. I've used the same pattern as I used for the facewasher I made although this one is bigger (I cast on 60 stitches instead of 45).

I also thought they would make good gifts that aren't gifts if you know what I mean. When you want to give someone something without making too much fuss. Being so small and light they should post well too. I'm hoping they'll have some more the next time I get near a Spotlight (doesn't happen all that often) as I only bought the 1 ball to experiment with.

Thanks to Rhonda at Down to Earth, I found this website with lots of different dishcloth patterns on it. So now I'm having fun experimenting with various designs. They even have a rating so you can choose patterns that are easier or more difficult depending on your skill level. Naturally I started with a level 1. :-)

This one has knitted up quite a bit smaller, although it seems to have a fair bit of stretch in it. It's certainly a forgiving pattern for mistakes though. LOL. It's basically 2 rows of straight knitting, followed by 2 rows of knit 1, purl 1 (except you start and finish each row with knit 2).

I did find the cotton much more difficult to knit with than the baby wool I started with. Not sure exactly why. I now have 8-ply wool on my needles and that is much easier to knit with than the cotton as well.

I seem to have a few projects on the go at the moment. And my cardmaking has taken a backseat for now. I'm too consumed with my looming and my needle knitting. LOL. I'm currently trying to finish a blanket for DS on one of my looms. And the wool currently on my needles is for a felting experiment I'm trying.

So if I disappear from blogland - you'll know I've gotten completely hooked and can't tear myself away from my knitting. LOL. I still can't believe I'm even doing it, let alone enjoying it this much. :-)


Ali said...

wow, that thread is great for Christmas!! Your knitting looks great too :)

I can't find the rating for the dishcloth patterns

Ali said...

woops, just worked it out!! lol

Miss K said...

That looks great! what a good idea, consider it pinched!

lowincomelady said...

Hi, Your RSS feed has changed from a full one to a partial one. Is there any possibility it could change back to a full feed. There is an option within the settings option of blogger to do so. I so want to keep up with your blog through RSS but a partial feed makes this impossible!



lightening said...

Hi Cheryl,
I think I have that feed thingy sorted out now. :-)

lightening said...

Miss K - pinch away. That's what blogs are for aren't they? :-)

Ali - glad you worked it out. I should have been clearer. It took me a while to work out why there were different numbers at the end of each pattern name.

Kez said...

I love the thread! You know, you've almost got me interested in knitting ... almost but not quite :) I still have nightmares from trying to learn it in Brownies :)