Thursday, September 13, 2007

Brain Strain

Today I'm suffering from Brain Strain. I blame it on the blog. LOL. When I first started this blog, I was happy (and quite frankly amazed) that I'd managed to even get a blog happening. You see, when it comes to computers, well let's just say I'd probably be the "dunce" of the class. I remember as a teenager I would get frustrated and accuse our computer of being "stupid". My dad would remind me that a computer couldn't be "stupid" and it was down to the operator. Gee, thanks dad.

Okay, so I admit it, when it comes to using a computer, I would rate it up there second only to parenting in the "this thing makes me feel like an idiot" stakes. In other words, I have no idea what I'm doing!

You may notice that I've added a little subscription type thingy to my blog. I don't really know what it does but I noticed other blogs had them so I decided to add one to mine. LOL. I'm hoping to figure out in time exactly what it does (stop laughing at me!).

Today I'm trying to figure out this Google Reader thing. It's all Kins fault really. She mentioned it a while ago and it seemed like a good idea at the time. LOL. Of course, by the time I get my head around that and get it all set up..... well, not sure I'll have any brain cells left for a post today. :-) I'm sure there's a faster way to do this - if I just *knew* what it was.

BUT, in my defense, while computers have never really been my "thing", my brain isn't 100% back to what it used to be. And I figure the best way to learn is by doing. I've already learnt to do a few things that I couldn't do before. Although, the more I read other blogs, especially blogs about blogging, the more I realise there is a HUGE amount of stuff you can do with your blog.

In the meantime, you'll have to put up with my fairly basic blog. I'm just hoping I don't accidentally delete it with all my messing around trying to make it more "fancy". LOL.

If you think this is a post about nothing - you're probably right. Most of my brain cells have leaked out on the google reader site. I must go back and see if I can retrieve a few.

In the meantime, I will add this. If I can do this - anyone can. If you've been considering starting your own blog but not sure how you'll go either in figuring out how, or thinking of things to blog about. I say, go for it!

If you're looking for me.... I'll be over at Google Reader hunting for the remains of my poor worn out brain cells. :-)


Ali said...

lol~ your blog is great, I love reading your posts, you write your thoughts well!!

I'm having a "feeling down in the dumps" day and have gone "blog dead" with no thoughts on what to blog about myself!!!

Not inspired to declutter either hence I've turned the computer back on ~ which is crazy after my self imposed rule yesterday!! LOL

hope you find your brain cells LOL :)

Kin said...

Oh thank goodness it's not just me! My brain isn't working well either.

Sorry about Google reader. It's really easy though. I know I'm fairly computer literate, but it took me about 10 minutes to figure out. I'm sure I don't use it to it's full potential, but it does what I need.

Kelley said...

:) I have been doing a similar thing with my blog. But too scared to open it to the world so to speak by listing on Google et all. I guess I need to look up google reader and actually find out what it is instead of burying my head in the sand.
And subscribing in a reader has me confused. What the heck it that??
Well I suppose I can be excused only been *really* blogging for a month :)
OK, I will stop procrastinating and filling your comments full of my drivel and look up this stuff!

emma.jean said...

A reader is kind of like a page comprised of posts from selected blogs, it just makes it easier to read them in one place... I started using My Yahoo, which displays a short summary of recent posts from selected blogs but have taken to Google Reader, as I can read full posts there...

lightening said...

Thanks Ali - I hope your day has improved. Some days I find I just need a "bludge in front of the computer" day. When it's every day it's more of a problem than if it's here and there.

Kin - perhaps there is something in the air today? I think I'm getting the hang of google reader now.

Kelley - well I'd have no idea when it comes to things like getting my blog listed on google.

Emma - thanks for the explanation. I wonder how these "readers" go with blog counters and the like. Does it mean that less people are visiting your blog but still reading it if you know what I mean?

Kez said...

I love Google Reader! It makes it so easy to keep up with blogs :) I'm not sure how it affects your stats though - I've been wondering that myself..

Lisa said...

I too love Google reader, although I have gotten rather lazy at posting comments as i seem to read more a write less. Alos need to remember to write on my own blog! -lol-