Monday, August 13, 2007

We've Been Hit...

....with the dreaded flu bug that's been flying around our community and knocking people flat on their backs.

DD came down with it first. Friday afternoon. Apparently on Friday her class was missing 12 kids and DS's was missing 14.

So far DD has been the easiest of the family to look after. She didn't move from the couch for most of the weekend. She did have a bit of a tummy upset but not enough that I'd call it a stomach bug. It's kind of a strange virus - mixture of everything really. Yesterday she started to get asthma which is normal for her after a cold.

Yesterday (Sunday) the youngest DS came down with it and he's wanted to be held ever since (including most of the night). He's had croup and coughed up his stomach contents a few times. Today he is VERY grumpy.

DH came down with it about 4am this morning and has been sleeping on and off most of the time since then.

Our older DS is on his way down with it - I think he's been struck with the "man flu" though as naturally he's the *sickest* in the family. In fact, I think the 9 year old is the least sickest as he's the most annoying and complaining the loudest (and upsetting the 3 year old). BUT, I expect he will get worse as the day wears on.

As for me....mum's can't afford to get sick can they? LOL. I have been very lethargic over the weekend and yesterday came down with a cough and asthma. This morning I went back to bed for a couple of hours sleep and I'm finding it hard to get warm. So I guess my body is fighting something. I'm just trying to take it easy and look after the troups the best I can.

Thankfully my DH isn't the kind of lie about moaning (not too much anyway) so he's being as helpful as he can (although he's disappeared to check the sheep now). Kids are settled watching a DVD and munching on Jatz biscuits.

I've been keeping the Easiyo maker busy as yoghurt seems to be another popular food item.

I haven't forgotten the next instalment of my "journey". I have started working on it but want to do it justice so I'm not wanting to rush it. I'm sure it won't be far away. :-)


Kin said...

Awww, big hugs from here. I've really only just recovered. It knocked me flat for over a week. I hope the kids (and you and DH) bounce back quickly.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear you poor things! Take it slowly! It's not so nice at all and my kids got asthma with it too... but are on the road to recovery..lots of warm soup and TLC does it! Its always hard to know when they are ready to go back to school though isnt it? Usually once mine start getting cheeky and energetic, off they go back to face the class again! My oldest son gets quite nervous about facing everyone again and I recently realised how I do the same! Weird hey? Pray your bugs are over and done with in no time!

Kez said...

{{HUGS}} J - I hope you all recover quickly. Billy took himself off to our room about 1pm and has been asleep for a couple of hours, so I hope he isn't coming down with yet another round of it.

Ali said...

I hope you all recover quickly :)

willow said...

I've just found your blog and have been enjoying posts about your journey to a simpler life. I read "Your Money or Your Life" a few years ago and it changed the way I value stuff in terms of life energy.
I look forward to visiting again and reading more. Hope you all feel better soon.

Lisa said...

Aww, hope you all get well soon. I'm looking forward to your next instalment and will wait till you are all well to read it :)
take care of you!

Susan said...

oh yuk, hope you are all back on your feet soon.

Anonymous said...

Oh my dear I hope everyone is better soon and that you don't get it

Anonymous said...

My crew have all had it too and poor hubbys was exacerbated by his asthma. Touch wood I haven't got it yet!! Hope you are all feeling a lot better soon.
Madly Saving

lightening said...

Thank you everybody for your well wishes. DD is back at school today. The boys are all kind of in limbo. That grumpy stage. :-)

I seem to be still on a downward slope but hopefully there'll be a turnaround soon. Just taking it fairly easy still.

Willow - thanks for popping in and for your comment. I hope you drop by often. :-)

emma.jean said...

Hi Jodi,

Best wishes for a swift recovery for your family and I hope you are able to stay well. It is very hard to look after everyone else when you're not well yourself. My ds6 is a bit crook too atm, and disappointed about probably missing his sports carnival tomorrow.