Friday, August 10, 2007

More Op Shop Finds

Yesterday was the day to go back and pick up our butchered and cut up sheep. Naturally I jumped in with DH for the ride so I could revisit my favourite op shop. 2 hauls in as many weeks! :-) But it might be a while before I get back there again.

I wasn't sure how much I would find having only been in there less than 2 weeks ago. Being a small country town I wouldn't imagine their turnover is huge. Then again, visiting regularly is the way to snap up some really cool stuff (the kind of stuff that never hangs around long).

Here's what I came away with:

* pumpkin patch warm denim jacket in size 5. I've been mourning my 3 year old growing out of the size 3 jacket that I bought at a pumpkin patch clearance sale years ago so this was by far my most exciting find of the day! :-)

* plain denim jeans and a nike jumper for my 9 year old.

* a striped winter top with matching scarf for DD (should fit her next year).

* a Wiggles Anthony toy for DS. He has Murray so now he has 2. I paid $15 for Murray when I bought him so 50c for one in excellent condition was a bargain!!!

* a soft merino wool jumper in excellent condition.

* a pair of Adidas shorts for myself that feel like they're still brand new. Even better was finding them stashed amongst the kids stuff so they were only 50c!!!!

* black top and denim capri pants for me (also in kids section for 50c each).

Here's a photo of my "haul":

I spent a grand total of $7!!!! DS also picked up a toy car but he didn't want to stop playing with it long enough to add it to my photo. LOL. I don't think the lady charged me for it either as DS was having such a great time playing with it while I was browsing.

I did contemplate buying some knitting patterns they had there but I wasn't sure I was quite up to something too complicated. So I left them and I'll see how I go with the knitting before I get too carried away with buying patterns. I have to be careful as it's just as easy to pick up too many bargains and end up with a heap of unnecessary stuff cluttering up the house.

And on a note totally unrelated to op shopping - the first of the lettuces I planted 10 days ago have just popped out of the ground!!!!! Who would have thought there'd be so much excitement over a tiny little green shoot. LOL. I have planted some other seeds so hopefully we'll see them soon.


Kez said...

Hey you're getting good at this!!

Yay on the lettuce :)

Ali said...

woohoo on the lettuce ~ none of my seeds germinated so I'll try again :)

Congrats on the op shopping too!

lightening said...

You know - I think there is a skill level in op shopping. I know I have to go when I'm in the mood to rummage. Some of the best finds are burried. If I walk into an op shop and feel overwhelmed - I may as well walk right back out again cos I'm not likely to rummage long enough to find the "treasures". Mind you, I think I always find something in this particular shop - it's well set out with plenty of room. That helps.