Thursday, August 30, 2007

Fire Ban

Today is a total fire ban day here. How strange to have a fire ban in August!!!! It's winter - did someone forget to tell the weather man? LOL. Apparently there were 3 fires within 200km of our place on Monday. In August!!!! The weather has just gone crazy bizarre.

The wind is so strong that some of our pine trees look like they're going to snap. I'd take a photo but I'm not going outside in it! :-) Our whole house is shaking. Let's hope the wind classification it's built to is high enough! I'm sure it is. Would be nice if the wind blew in some rain. :-)

Today I'm thankful that I don't *have* to go outside. At least I'm not trying to drive in it or anything. Hopefully it has died down again by the time the bus brings the kids home. I wouldn't like to be trying to keep a bus on the road in this wind!

I'm trying to potter around and get a few cooking jobs done today but it's not the kind of day that makes you feel like doing much. :-( So it's babysteps, babysteps here today.

Oooh, the wind is dying down a little now. Phew!


Ali said...

It's been extremely windy here too today ~ an easterly! Hope the fires stay away from you :)

Kez said...

Yuck, I hate wind! Hope it died down before the kids got home.

Anonymous said...

Just heard on the news that the winds got to 90 kph out your way today! and sadly so much topsoil drifted our way. i just went outside and its now blowing a slight southerly and is quite cool again! It was a bizarre day and one where I was thankful that we have strong homes to shelter in.