Friday, August 24, 2007

Homemade Crumpets

DH has made me some crumpet rings by cutting up a large tinned fruit can. 6 fit perfectly in my rectangular electric frypan. I've been working on perfecting the original recipe I was given. The first batch I made didn't have many holes in them. Then I found out from another person who makes their own crumpets that my recipe was missing the rising time.

Here they are - a batch of crumpets in my rings, just starting to bubble away.

And here they are, almost cooked. The verdict was that they now looked like bought crumpets (with the holes in the top) and they tasted like bought crumpets (well, better if you ask me). However, they still weren't as light as a bought crumpet.

So, I intend to play around with the recipe a little more and see what I can come up with. What I still can't get over is how easy they are to make. They are a little time consuming as I can only cook 6 at a time (and the recipe makes about 18) but other than that, they're really so easy and so much cheaper than their shop bought counterparts. Plus I know exactly what has gone into them.

You can find the original recipe here if you don't already have it. Just make up the mixture about an hour ahead of when you want to cook them. They can be eaten fresh (remember they still need to be toasted) or you can freeze them to use later.

I'll let you know if I come up with a recipe variation that makes them a little lighter.


Susan said...

looks yummy, crumpets are popular in this household!

Lisa said...

ooh, given my son is failsafe I'll have to try these. Do they freeze well?

Kez said...

Ooooh you got bubbles!!! So you have to leave it to rise first?! Will try that.

Lisa - if it's the same recipe I used (which I'm pretty sure it is, since J & I would have got it from the same place), they freeze ok.

Ali said...

mmmm, they look delicious :) I LOVE crumpets so I'll copy down the recipe and have a go and making them sometime. Thanks for that.

Rhonda Jean said...

I use a very similar recipe for crumpets. I add half teaspoon of bicarb to mine. They're delicious. You did a really good job with yours, and I love the crumpet rings your hubby made. He's a keeper. ; ) What is better than crumpets with honey and tea for breakfast. No one answer that. LOL

Anonymous said...

They look great. I've never made crumpets before but you've inspired me to go and try. Love the homemade rings too.

Thanks for the idea!

lightening said...

Lisa - yes they definitely freeze well.

Rhonda Jean - I'm planning on messing around with the rising agents next so the bicarb could be a part of the solution for making them a bit lighter. My DH is most DEFINITELY a keeper!!! :-)

Kate - well worth giving them a go! It had never even occured to me until I came across this recipe that you could even make crumpets yourself. LOL. I can't believe how much I had fallen into the "have to buy it already made" mould.

Anonymous said...

These look like the 'real' thing!! When I made mine, I didn't like the fact they didn't have the holes so I will leave it for an hour this time - please let us know how you go after making recipe adjustments! Thanks.
Madly Saving

Kelley said...

I LOVE YOU!!!!! No honestly I could run all the way to your place and plant a huge kiss on your forehead! For years I have been trying to think of a way of making DS's gluten free, milk free, every-blooming-thing-free bread into burger sized buns. Never thought of cutting the bases of fruit tins! *slaps head* PERFECT!!!!!!!

lightening said...

Madly Saving - my kids were a bit disappointed with the lack of holes in the first batch I made too. They still tasted good but didn't "look" the part. :-)

Kelley - LOL. Pity you didn't live close enough to pop over.
:-( It would be wonderful if you did! :-)