Tuesday, July 24, 2007


Our 3 year old is really enjoying Thomas the Tank Engine at the moment so we took the opportunity while we were in Adelaide to take him to the Thomas exhibit at the Railway Museum. You should have seen his little eyes light up when he saw the Thomas train! Wish I could have captured it on camera. :-) But he could hardly believe it when we actually got to ride on Thomas!!! LOL.

Here's a photo of the 3 kids waiting for the train ride to start. It was such a lovely atmosphere and the conductor came along with a portable microphone and all the kids got to call out "all aboard" which added to the fun. By lunchtime the place was extremely busy so we were glad that we chose to have our train ride first rather than wait. That meant we didn't have to wait in a long line.

Here's the very useful engine himself. :-) They used 2 engines to pull the train. Thomas at the front and then a green engine behind him. I thought it was interesting that when we got home, DS then played with his Thomas Duplo train set in a similar way. Setting up Thomas and Percy together to pull the carriages. He doesn't seem to miss much when it comes to detail.

Of course the miniature railway was also a big hit. Our older DS wasn't all the interested in Thomas but he really enjoyed the miniature railway set up and finding things on the list amongst all the buildings.

Trains are great aren't they - they seem to appeal to a wide range of ages. One day we'd really like to take our children on a train trip - most likely to Perth. We'll have to see, it's not a cheap way to travel.

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