Sunday, July 1, 2007


Well it's officially no longer June but I think I'm going to need my "reduce the trash" challenge to run for a little longer than a month.

DH and I have been working outside this afternoon and there's been lots of recycling going on.

Yummy juicy weeds and snails and millipedes from the garden have gone to the chooks. They're having a great time scratching through my offerings looking for bugs and will nicely turn them into eggs for me. :-) In a day or so I'm thinking I'll gather up what's left of the weeds (they don't eat them all) and dump them into the compost. Hopefully the chooks will leave some droppings on some of them too to add some fertiliser to my compost. We have a long term plan to make better use of our chooks in turning and fertilising our garden soil. That requires a bit of infrastructure to be built so for now I just do what I can by hand (when I have the time and energy).

DH has been cutting up some old plastic bottles for me to cover some of our poor little seedings that have been getting munched to death by an array of bugs. Fingers crossed this helps them get to a stronger stage so they can withstand the bugs. We're just making things up as we go along here so who knows whether this is going to work or not. In the meantime, it's helping us reduce our trash. :-)

DH is really on a roll this afternoon. He's found an old wooden gate that he's going to sand back and paint. He wants to build a gate so that the backyard is accessible from the front area of the house (will make it easier for the kids to come to the back door instead of the front door when they get home from the bus). That'll save us a few $$ in materials and adds to our recycling/reducing landfill efforts.

I was asking DH the other day how our quantity of rubbish is going and apparently we are doing better. We fill a green wheelie bin around once a fortnight which I don't think is too bad. I'm not entirely sure that includes our office rubbish though as DH often collects that just before he does a rubbish run. Hopefully we'll soon have a shredder and can compost more of our paper waste.

So that's where we're up to for now. Heading in the right direction but with plenty of room yet for improvement. :-)

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