Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Thank You So Much!!!!

Thank you for all your kind birthday wishes yesterday and for those who popped by to help my counter reach 1000 on my birthday. I had a LOT of fun throughout the day reading your messages and watching the counter gradually get closer to 1000 (and then surpass it!!!).

My day was truly wonderful. Everything I've always dreamed a birthday might be and more. It began with beautiful birthday wishes from my family. DH had decided to carry on a family tradition I began a few years ago and titled "mum's crazy wrapping". I was trying to cut back on the amount of rubbish surrounding birthdays and figured that the only reason fancy wrapping paper was so exciting was because we had created that tradition to be so. Now we use pillow cases, doona covers and tablecloths to wrap the larger gifts, often tied up with scrunchies or belts or sometimes just a knot in the fabric. The kids think it's a hoot to see what "crazy" idea mum might come up with next. So DH bought a bucket load of treats for me and stuffed them all into this pillow case shaped to cover my triangle pillow. The kids and I had a great time pulling them out one by one, trying to guess what they might be with our hand stuffed in the pillow case. LOL. There were chocolates and chips and bottles of Lemon, Lime and Bitters. Plus my birthday cake - a packet mud cake that DH made up for me during the day (he's quite a whizz with a packet cake!). And a packet mix of white chocolate and macadamia nut biscuits (my favourite) which he also whipped up during the day (mmmm.... nothing like fresh baked cookies for morning tea on your birthday).

I think my most unique gift came from my MIL. A container of imported cherries!!! I felt quite decadent nibbling on imported cherries on my birthday. :-) And they were delicious too. I did get some money from my in laws and my DH as well so I get the fun of spending it as well as the gift. :-)

I think for the first time this year I've really given myself permission to pamper myself on my birthday. I soaked in the tub for a while and even filled it high enough that I could put the spa jets on. The I gave myself a facial, manicure and pedicure. It was all truly decadent. Of course, the best bit was DH doing my cleaning jobs for the day while I was doing all that. Could a girl ask for any more? I am truly blessed by my DH. Honestly not sure that I truly deserve him.

We finished the day by going out to dinner with some wonderful friends. I'm not yet up to coping with large groups of people so it was really wonderful to have a quiet evening, just enjoying catching up. Of course, the time passed all too quickly as it often does when you're out with friends. :-)

Most of the day it rained and that didn't bother me one bit. I've lost count of the number of birthdays I've had where the weather outside has reflected the way I've been feeling inside. Not this year! :-) It could rain all it liked, inside the sun was definitely shining!!! :-)

I know the next 12 months will have its ups and downs, like all years do. But I feel somehow stronger and more ready to face what is ahead. I feel so loved by my God, my family, my friends and.... myself!!! :-) God is Good!


Kez said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful day - you deserve it!!!

WendyC said...

Oh Jodi, your post made me cry! Thanks so much for sharing your life with us!

Kin said...

Glad you and a good birthday. I pointed a couple of people from my blog over I noticed, so hopefully that helped ;)

Rhonda Jean said...

sorry I'm late but happy birthday, Jodi! I'm pleased you enjoyed your day.