Saturday, July 7, 2007

Loom Knitting

It's true what they say - loom knitting is addictive!!! I bought a set of looms from the Fox Collection kind of hoping that I would make use of them. I'm supposed to be working on finding a hobby or two. Something to give me some relaxation and fun. When I saw these in the catalogue I figured if I didn't enjoy using them, the kids possibly would. Not sure how much a of look-in the kids are going to get! LOL. Just kidding! The good thing is, there are 4 looms and I can only use 1 at a time (unless I want to have several projects on the go).

If you're wondering what on earth I'm talking about, here is a picture of the looms:

I'm finding them so quick and easy to use. And it's amazing the range of things that can be made on them. My first 2 projects were a hat and small scarf for myself using a cream yarn called Rustica.

It varies in thickness throughout the ball so I figured even if my stitches weren't even, it wouldn't show (I can blame it on the wool lol). Each of these took me about an hour to make and cost me $2.50 (the wool was $2.50 per ball and each took around a ball to knit). So I'm putting some of my spending from last month to good use and there is a potential there to save money as well. I was looking at buying a cream scarf from Kmart recently for around $7.

On Monday I began making myself a black shawl using 8 ply wool combined with feathers yarn. It's almost finished and I'll try and post a pic when it's done. It's taking me a little bit longer than an hour (so far maybe 5 hours?) but it is quite a bit bigger. It feels so soft and warm - I can't wait to finish it so I can wear it!

I find it so exciting to wear something that I've actually made myself! I can't believe I'm knitting! I was hopeless with needles so it's not something I'd ever seen myself doing. Perhaps I should make it number 3 on my "101 things I thought I'd never do" list. :-)


Anonymous said...

Keep up the good work Jodi!
The looms remind me of the old fashined "tomboys" we used to make that circular kniting with, which some used to sew together to make things! Is it similar? It sure looks fun and rewarding as well!
Maybe it will inspire me to find my tapestry that I was given 10 years ago and get to work! If i finish it by my 50th (now that sounds OLD! LOT! (lots of tears))I will be a champion. I just never started it because I knew I would never be able to put it down! How sad! LS

Rhonda Jean said...

So this is loom knitting. It looks like a complicated version of what we used to call french knitting, but we made ours with nails and a cotton reel. I'm amazed at the things you can make and it's so fast. The hat and scarf are lovely.

I think it will make a great hobby for you, Jodi. Please keep posting photos of what you make because I'd like to see how you go with it.

lightening said...

Yes very similar to those tomboy's! Only a bigger circle and some variety in the stitches. Plus this came with a nifty little tool that makes lifting the stitches over the pegs soooo much easier. :-)

Sounds like it's time to get that Tapestry out! :-)

Kez said...

Hey that looks really cool! The scarf and hat look great - I'd never guess you could make the hat that way! Rhonda's comment brought back a memory of doing that when I was a kid too.

Sorka said...

You are off to a great start! Welcome to the wonderful world of loom knitting! We are always glad to welcome new victims... er knitters!!!

Jeannine said...

Hi "Lightening",
This is Jeannine, one of your new American pals from the kniftyknitterlooms group on Yahoo.

I love your scarf and hat and I can't wait to see your next project, the yarn sounds yummy.

We have a number of members in the various groups from Australia and they have been saying they can't find the looms there. (there are a number of other KK loom styles as well, including a "Spool Knitter", I think you call it a "Tomboy"). Did you get yours On-Line or local? If you have found a source over there, I am sure the others would love to know about it.

Keep lurking and if possible, join some additional groups. One I would suggest is LoomClass as it is another Yahoo group. It has a little less chatting, so the instructors can avoid missing questions, etc. but you can learn some really great things.

Wait until you see all the things you can make and all the stitches and techniques you can learn. You will be so surprised.

I love your blog and I am adding it to my "favorites".


lightening said...

Hi Jeannine and Denise,
Thanks for dropping by and adding a comment. :-)

I bought my looms online at . They only had the set of 4 circle looms though - none of the other looms I've seen mentioned. They tend to change their stock frequently too so I can't be sure how long they'll keep the looms in their range.