Wednesday, July 4, 2007

A Couple Of Photo's

Now that we have our computer up and running again and a new memory card for the digital camera, I can share some more photo's with you. I love looking at photo's on other people's blogs. I guess it makes them that much more personal doesn't it.

Well, here you go. Now you get to see what I look like. :-) This is me on my birthday with 2 of my children. The eldest is behind the camera. There's no significance to the number of candles on the cake - I really am 33! Honest. :-) DH just stuck a few candles on there so the kids could sing Happy Birthday. Funnily enough, DH did most of the singing as a solo as the younger two were more interested in watching DS taking photo's. LOL. The youngest did enjoy helping me blow out the candles though. :-)

This is my first attempt at card making (well, first in quite a long time anyway). Also my first attempt at quilling. :-) The kids have all been fascinated by these sheep! I thought they looked very cute when I saw them in my folder (creative papercraft) and wanted to give them a try. I think this will become a Father's Day card for my FIL. He really loves his sheep.

Hope you enjoyed those. Fingers crossed I'll get around to posting a few more photo's over the coming months. :-) Have a great day!!!


Anonymous said...

Yay!! A photo! And what a lovely one it is :)
Madly Saving

Kin said...

Awww photos. You look lovely (and the kids aren't half bad).

Your eldest is pretty good with the camera too.

Photos... Hmm, suppose I should do something like that...

Kez said...

I love the photo! For some reason I pictured you as blonde (no offense meant lol).

lightening said...

LOL. It's funny how we imagine what people look like and then see them isn't it. Can take a bit of getting used to.

I definitely have many "blonde" traits and am quite proud of that (no offense to blondes out there who aren't "blonde"). Hence nicknames like "Lightening"(even though it's spelt wrong), "Airhead" and "4 foot nothing" (cos I'm 4-foot to the kneck with nothing above so my friends would say).

You know I once had someone tell me I should get brown contact lenses because they couldn't handle the idea of me having blue eyes and brown hair (instead of being blue eyed with blonde hair).

WendyC said...

Oh Jodi, you are GORGEOUS!!! So nice to see a face!

emma said...

Hey Jodi,

Great to put a face to a name! I had pictured you differently too - but you look gorgeous anyway!