Monday, July 30, 2007

Op Shopping

I have to admit I don't go op shopping very often. More due to lack of opportunity than lack of inclination. Our local op shop isn't all that great and things seemed to be highly priced for what I would consider *reasonable* (or what I'm willing to pay).

My favourite op shop is in a town about half an hour from here in the opposite direction to our local (and nearest) town. I don't get up there very often and because it is run by volunteers, there is no guarantee it will be open on any given day, so a special trip up there just isn't worthwhile. This op shop's prices are great and they get a good turnover of clothing in reasonable condition - especially kids clothing.

I've read stories of people's op shop hauls and shaken my head in wonder at some of the amazing things they've picked up for great prices - including new items! New items are something I've not come across in an op shop (other than a Red Cross shop I visited that had nearly all new items - but they were priced accordingly. I could do better buying off discount racks than buying from that store).

Well today must have been my day. DH had to drive up to this town so I hitched a ride and got him to drop me off at the op shop while he went and did a couple of tasks. In particular, I'm always on the lookout for items of clothing for my eldest DS who is 9. They're not easy to come by, even in op shops - I think that age group must be very hard on their clothing. LOL. It just breaks my heart to have to buy new items for DS to wear around home and the farm!

Back to my haul for today. I did find 2 pairs of jeans, a jumper and some school pants for DS. A couple of them are in sizes too big but I'll stash them away in the cupboard for next year. I also found a pair of jeans for my 3 year old DS. He almost has enough but not quite now that he's had a growth spurt. For myself I found a pair of denim capris and 2 tops. And for DD I found a small black handbag.

Here are my AMAZING finds though: a black evening handbag, a RIPCURL handbag, 2 pairs of shoes for me - both BRAND NEW and a BRAND NEW pair of gumboots for DD (which my 3 year old is SURE must be for him - even though they're miles too big lol). I was stunned to say the least. I guess some shoe store somewhere had off loaded the last of their stock.

Here's a photo of my haul:

The handbags need a slight little clean up and one shirt needs the hem fixing. But you don't necessarily expect everything to be in perfect condition when you buy from an op shop.

And my grand total spend for this little haul? $16.50!!!! I can still hardly believe it. :-)

Now if only all my visits to the op shop were this successful..... :-)


Susan said...

what great finds!

I love op shopping, soemthing about it is so relaxing! Some are way over priced though, I do agree!

Anonymous said...

Now that's a bargain too hard to resist! Hope the kids like their new wardrobe and you too.

Kez said...

Woohoo - that rivals one of Jen's trips :)

lightening said...

LOL - it's about time I scored like Jen does. Jen is the ultimate in finding great op shop bargains for those who don't know her. :-)

Ali said...

woohoo ~ that's what I call a successful trip :)