Friday, July 6, 2007

The "I didn't grocery shop this week" Challenge

Various circumstances have altered my week so that I haven't yet done a grocery shop. I don't have any other *need* to go into town other than to buy food so I've given myself the challenge to see if I can make it until next Tuesday without needing any groceries. Since I shopped Wednesday last week, that will be just under the fortnight between grocery shops.

Today is the kids last day of school for the term which gives me a little bit of breathing space in terms of finding suitable things for their lunchboxes. It does provide a little bit of an added challenge though in the sense that they tend to eat more during the holidays - particularly in between meals.

Here's a bit of a run-down on potential problem areas:

FRUIT - Obviously this is something I would usually buy fresh each week. We have run out of bananas but do have 3 apples, 1 pear and about 2kg oranges in the fridge. Also some frozen stewed pear, a tin of pears and a tin of apples. So we *should* be able to manage on what we have left for the next 4 days. One thing I don't want to do during this challenge is make compromises to our health.

VEGETABLES - I have almost enough potatoes for 3 main meals so should be able to stretch to that. Monday night on the menu is tuna patties and I have 1 meal left of Deb potato which I usually use for tuna patties (that way I don't have to make the mashed potato in advanced). I have enough yellow veg with several kg's of carrots, a whole butternut pumpkin and 1 sweet potato. Also have 1/2 red cabbage and about 3kg of frozen peas. So that should get us through until Tuesday. Of course, my next challenge will be that next week I'll have to stock up fully rather than adding to what I have on hand - fingers crossed lots of fruit and veg is on special locally next week.

BREAKFAST - Could pose a challenge. We are nearly out of most cereals. I have just made up some more muesli so that will help for DH, DS and myself. The kids often have toast in the school holidays but there is only 3 loaves of bread left so not sure how we'll go there. Was thinking I'd make up a batch of crumpets but flour is getting low so I may have to choose between baking snacks or making crumpets. Need to investigate a little further here.

BREAD - 3 loaves of white bread left in the freezer. Do have a batch of Soy & Linseed in the breadmaker now. Hoping DH will eat that and leave the white bread for the kids. We tend to go through about 1 loaf a day so just need to make that stretch out a little. If I can come up with lunches that don't involve bread, that will help.

SNACKS - I had been planning a bit of a bake up for the school holidays as the kids are constantly looking for something to eat. Being low on flour is a bit of a challenge. Do have plenty of ingredients to make yoghurt so will need to make sure I'm on top of that given it takes about a day by the time it sets and then chills. Also have plenty of popping corn. It's really only a few days so we should be able to get by.

There is definitely no shortage of food in this house. No danger of anyone going hungry. I think the biggest challenge will be making sure everyone still eats a fairly healthy diet and being a little more creative than usual where they are a few gaps in what we're used to eating for particular meals.

Actually, I'm quite looking forward to it. Don't mind a bit of a challenge. :-) The best bit is going to be the head start we'll get on the grocery spending challenge for the month!

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Michelle said...

I'm doing a similar thing myself at the moment. It's amazing what you can come up with out of the cupboard and freezer with a little imagination. I did a big shop on basics a week and a half ago, (flour, butter, rice, meat etc.) and I'm going to see how long I can go until I need another shop. I have 3 kids and a husband to feed and I get a big box of organic fruit & veg home delivered every couple of weeks or so. I'm hoping to get to the end of July without having to make a trip back to the supermarket. Good luck with your challenge!