Sunday, July 15, 2007

Another Wrap

Well DD is very excited this morning as I've finished her wrap and she's proudly wearing it to church. :-) Here's a photo of her wearing the wrap.

For those of you who are into knifty knitting. I used the green loom and a basic e-stitch back and forward until I had the desired length (took 2 balls of feathers yarn). I didn't have any wool to use with the feathers yarn and I think because of that this wrap is likely to stretch a little. It is a very lightweight wrap though which is great for DD.


Anonymous said...

So pretty!! And the wrap is lovely too!
Madly Saving

Sorka said...

Well I think she likes it!

lightening said...

Yes, she does look quite happy doesn't she. :-) I noticed last night that she'd wrapped her baby born in it like a blanket so it's multi-purpose as well.