Monday, July 2, 2007

On Getting Older

Well, today I'm a whole day older than I was when I woke up yesterday morning. But being the day the old counter ticks over a full year instead of a day, I'm kinda a whole year older as well. Well, not quite. I wasn't born until 10 minutes to midnight (was almost a July 3rd baby) so the counter doesn't *officially* click over until after I'm asleep. I refuse to wait until then to celebrate though. :-)

I think this year is a significant one. I'm 33 and I'm finally glad to be me! :-) I still have some ways to go with the counselling I've been doing but there have been some changes from within and I feel different. Good different. I feel like I'm glad to be here. Glad to be me. That I was meant to be born. That I was meant to be pink (that's my inner child's description for being a "girl"). I'm glad to be pink and I can celebrate my "pinkness". This is a significant step for me.

I've been thinking about the term "old" as this birthday has been approaching. I've come to the conclusion that it's a relative term. When I was 13 and all my friends turned 14 I thought 14 was "over the hill". Now 14 seems very very young. :-) I thought being in my 30s would make me feel old. But surprisingly it doesn't. You have those odd moments when you feel a little stiff and sore (actually not so many of those now we have a new mattress) and *feel* old but generally speaking, I don't feel any different (age wise that is) to how I felt last year or 5 years ago and even 10 years ago. So perhaps I'll never actually *be* old. I'll just be me. A little more experience under my belt. Hopefully a little more wisdom. But not *old*. I guess in time I'll find out.

My mum is someone who has aged gracefully (and beautifully). I guess it helps that she's never really *looked* her age (at least a decade younger most of the time). But she's never seemed to have a problem with getting older. Those milestones people talk about dreading haven't seemed to be a problem for her. In fact I remember her being most offended when she was given a "29 again" card for her 30th birthday. She didn't have a problem with turning 30 so didn't see the necessity for such a pretense. I found that curious at the time but maybe now I do "get it".

So, I'm 33 years young and for the first time in my life I feel like I'm truly celebrating the fact that I was born. So in some ways it's really my first true "birthday celebration". Does that make it my *first* birthday? Or perhaps my first *happy* birthday. :-)


luckaye said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Have a fantastic day!
hugs Lucie

Anonymous said...

Wow, you sound really good, so positive. I hope that 33 is a great year for you. I have loved my 30's.

So enjoy your first "Happy" Birthday. Glad you are you and that you are here, otherwise you wouldn't have had an impact on me.


WendyC said...

Happy Birthday, sweetie!
I would like to share something I think I will put on my 50th birthday invitations (yes, it's this year!) "If you haven't grown up by 50, you don't need to!" That's my mantra!
Thanks for blessing me with your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jodi! I hope you have a great day! I can relate to where you're coming from about "feeling" old, as I am nearly 52 years young yet so often feel as though I am still 16!! It's only when the aches set in on a cold morning that I realise the ole bod is 'getting on'!! It so often amazes/amuses me when people come to me for advice on child rearing, etc, and I'm thinking 'hang on, I'm still learning this myself!!' Anyways, have a wonderfully HAPPY day and CELEBRATE!!

Lucy said...

Happy Birthday, Jodie! Cheers to your positive way of thinking! Hope your day is wonder-filled in every way.


Michael & Rachel said...

Happy Birthday! =)

Anonymous said...

I thank Wendy for sharing your blog with me. I'm joyful and glad you are encouraged that you had a good birthday. A Happy Birthday means your life is going well and you are happy or at least on your way to becoming such. I pray you reach for the Lord and find a continual joy and peace which passes our understanding. Scribed in Agape Joel

beebeejaybee said...

Happy Birthday Lightening :-)


Penny said...

Happy Happy Happy Birthday Jodi! Its awesome that you're loving your special day, and even more wonderful that you're happy with life! Congratulations, you inspiration!


The Arthur Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! have a great day.. You share a birthday with my mum :)

Leonie said...

Happy birthday to you!
I am so glad for you that it is a truely happy one.

nbeltane said...

wishing you a wonderful {1st} birthday. have a ball.

emma said...

Happy birthday, Jodi! I'm glad you were born, too! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jodi,

I hope that today is the best for you. You deserve it.

Jeanette (FIA)

Terry said...

Happy Birthday Jodi.

Hope you get the numbers you want visiting your blog. It's a great read.

With love,


Kendall said...

Since it's the start of a new financial year, you're turning 30 plus GST today! teehee

Love Kendall

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jodi! I'm a "lurker" from FIA and read your blog, which I find an inspiration.
Have a great day.

Anonymous said...

Hope today has been wonderful.HAPPY birthday Jodi.This is the beginning of a wonderful year for you.
Love Ruth

teachingmum1970 said...

Happy Happy Day! I'm hoping for a much better one by the time October rolls around too!

RITA said...

Happy Birthday and I wish you many many more,and may God bless you.I know I am a day late but better late than never right??

Anonymous said...

Hey, Happy Birthday Lightening! It's all good!
Madly Saving

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Jodi! My daughter is 33 so I know you are just a baby :)! I pray your day is filled with special surprises and lots of fun!
Linda (a friend of Wendy's)

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday! Have a great day!

Anonymous said...

Hope you will have a wonderful and fun day. Happy Birthday!