Sunday, November 4, 2007

Value Adding

My DS has been busy this week playing with items that I've bought in preparation for his 4th birthday party. The party is still about a month away and the items are just sitting in the box waiting. That might sound very organised to some but with shops so far away from us, I HAVE to be prepared ahead of time.

Watching him playing with this stuff has been quite interesting and thought provoking. We're not talking mega exciting items here. A tablecloth, some party hats, loot bags, a box of tissues, a couple of bags of lollies (okay they are exciting)... He keeps getting them out of the box and looking at them, *knowing* that they're for his party. *Knowing* that he has a party to look forward to. :-)

Now he has started to create games using these items. Yesterday he got them all out and used them to build himself a "cubby" by lining them up next to each other in a circle around himself (amazing imagination and creativity that kids have). What really struck me though was the extra VALUE I was getting out of these items. Not only were they going to serve their purpose at his actual birthday party, but they've already provided hours of entertainment for him (I'm keeping my fingers crossed he doesn't damage them in the meantime lol). It's almost like getting "2 for the price of 1". LOL.

I think that delayed gratification can work like that too. There is value in the "looking forward" to something that we miss out on when we purchase what we want straight away. We live in a "want it and want it right now" world and I think we're missing out on something when we are like that. We miss out on the enjoyment of thinking, planning, saving and looking forward to an event or purchase. Those things ADD value to how we're spending our money.

In contrast, to have it NOW we not only miss out on the added value, we also SUBTRACT value from the purchase. It's not a lot of fun having to pay for something AFTER the event. So that begins to become a burden and SUBTRACTS value from our purchase. Add onto that any interest payments and the overall cost has risen - again reducing the value/fulfilment vs $$ spent equation.

I'm the kind of person that likes to get as much value for my $$ as possible. So I'm actually feeling quite chuffed that DS is getting so much value out of my small purchases. Each time he gets these things out to play with (which are still in their packets by the way), he's actually increasing the value per $$ I've spent. :-)


Ali said...

I, like you like to get as much value as I can out of what I purchase.

That's great the your DS isgetting so much enjoyment from his party items :)

River said...

Anticipation is definitely one of the more delicious emotions. i'm looking forward to getting a bigger i-pod next year. Meantime I have all the excitement of organising my music and video lists that I'm planning to load on to it. then I can have music and video handy to watch when my back says "enough" and I have to lie in bed for a couple of days.