Monday, November 19, 2007

This Week's Menu

I'm going solo this week. That is, not participating in the "Menu plan Monday" as such. I'm finding it too hard to get into the hosts website and I know some of you have had trouble too.

However, we still need to eat and at this time of year (with DH so busy) a plan is more important than ever!!! So, let's get to it......

Monday - Portions of fish lightly coated in herbed flour and shallow fried to a crisp golden brown served with coleslaw and a fresh garden salad.

Fresh garden salad meaning a combination of whatever I can find in the bottom of the fridge plus can scrounge out of the garden. LOL.

Tuesday - Slices of corned beef smothered in a rich creamy white sauce and accompanied by creamy mashed potato and lightly steamed vegetables.

Fingers crossed the white sauce *is* creamy and not lumpy. :-) I wonder if I can come up with a way of describing lumpy white sauce so that it becomes edible and maybe even...desirable????

Wednesday - Leftover corned beef diced and warmed in a cheese sauce, served with creamy mashed potato and lightly steamed vegetables.

Well, only if I cut the corned beef and not DH will there be leftovers for this night! He is getting better...... ;-)

Thursday - Mince, lentils, beans and vegetables combined together with a rich tomato based sauce and served over spiral noodles with a garnish of grated cheese.

Even I might be tempted to enjoy spag bol described like this. LOL. I don't really mind it the way I make it and the kids tend to gobble it up without complaints, despite all the *healthy* stuff hidden within! Mwaaahaaahaaa.....

Friday - Rounds of unleavened bread coated in a smooth tomato paste and topped with bacon, cheese and a variety of vegetables.

Well, DH and I will add vegetables, the kids prefer just bacon and cheese.....

Note to self: remember to plan dessert because the ice cream is all gone so you can't use that as a fall back plan (unless you actually remember to buy some this week!!!).

Note to everyone else: we don't have dessert every night (it's usually on an ad hoc basis really - if DH feels like dessert, everyone gets dessert) but Friday night's being "family night" AND "fake take away" night it's kind of become expected!

Saturday - Lamb chops slow cooked with a variety of herbs and served with roast potaotes and lightly steamed vegetables.

Yeah, we did have this last Saturday but the kids weren't here so they won't notice and DH used to eat lamb chops nearly EVERY night (blah) so he won't mind. And well, I gotta fit half a COW in the freezer soon so those bulky items just have to go!

Sunday - Homemade pastry encasing a warm mix of mince in a rich brown gravy.

This is of course based on the assumption that I'll be able to be bothered making the pies (mix is already in the freezer from last time). Back up plan - box of party pies left over from shearing. :-) Hmmmm.....wonder if I could get the kids to do all the pastry rolling and stuff.......

Okay, your turn now. Anyone else want to try writing up their menu plan ala restaurant menu? Go on, it's not as hard as you think. And if you want to give me some "linky love" (ie, link back to here) well that's always appreciated. :-) Don't have a blog? No prob! Just pop your menu plan in the comments section here. Go on, you know you want to!!!!! LOL.

Oh yeah, you might wanna miss the bits in red. I'm just in a silly kind of mood today and well..... there are only so many weeks in a row that you can pretend you're Martha Stewart before the *real* person tries to break on through the facade. LOL.


Anonymous said...

OK I left my menu plan on the bench at home and I am at work, but I can remember what we are having tonight so will give that a go:
Thinly sliced rump steak, dusted with cajun seasoning and pan fried served with mixed salad greens, tomato and cumcumber then drizzled with a warm balsamic dressing and individual dinner rolls.

Hows that make Cajun Beef Salad sound, and its a WW recipe too.


lightening said...

Sounds divine P!!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

You mention your beautiful fish dinner a few you but fresh or frozen packet fish? I don't eat much fish cos I just find the whole buying experience a bit confusing and risky living in the city, no guarantee on how fresh it is.

lightening said...

We try to eat a fish meal once a week. Mondays is our "day". Normally I rotate things around so we would have over the course of a 4 week period:

* tuna mornay
* fresh fish fillets
* tuna patties
* frozen fish fillets (like crumbed in a box from the freezer section).

The last couple of weeks we've been having fresh (when I say fresh - I buy it and then freeze it) as I need the freezer space (and it's too hot today to heat up oven fish).

We're lucky in that the town where I do my stock up shop once every couple of months is a fishing town. It took me a long time to get confident with buying and eating fish (and I usually get DH to buy it as he's the "fisherman" in the family). It's a pity DH didn't get more time to go fishing more often so we didn't have to buy it. One of the other reasons I rotate it a bit is because fresh fish is so expensive.

Not much help to you I know. You should be able to ask the question as to how fresh the fish you're buying is. Do you have access to markets? Be careful of deli's in supermarkets as a lot of the seafood they sell has already been frozen (and most of it is also imported).

River said...

Lightening - I loved reading the bits in red! Here's a couple of tips: Strain the white sauce to remove lumps. Next time you make mince pie mix and have leftover mix to freeze, make a batch of pastry as well and freeze it. Or have a reall cookup and make 2 or 3 pies and freeze. Then your next pie days will be easy.
Are you sure stuff scrounged from the bottom of the fridge is okay? My daughter once had stuff in the bottom of her fridge that had decomposed to the point where she didn't want to even open the crisper. I had to take it outside and hose it out. We're still not sure what it was.

Scott said...

Instead of lumpy - how about "richly textured"?

Simple Blog Writer said...

My secret for a smooth white sauce: yogurt.

I haven't planned my meals this week since it's Thanksgiving here. It's all about one meal this week.

lightening said...

River - thanks for your suggestions and your concern. I won't really be scrounging things from the bottom of the fridge. Not quite anyway. It's just that we're almost to the end of the salad I have on hand so it'll be interesting to see what we have left. I have plenty of lettuce in the garden at least. :-) I have a slight tendency to exaggerate at times.:)

Scott - LOVE the richly textured idea. :-) Look out for that phrase in one of my upcoming menu plans!

Dollfinn! said...

LOL Lightening, Keep up the comments in red, very nice to see the real personality poking through, Martha Stewarts just a little to unreal for my liking, or maybe its just cause she isnt a down to earth Aussie woman.

Hey Anonymous, if you are in Brisbane, try contacting Cardinal Seafoods, they are a huge wholesaler. Not sure wether they sell to the average public or not, but if you were buying a bulk order they might. I can guarantee their whiting fillets are divine! (and i dont like much seafood at all, only eat whiting or cod as the rest plays with my asthma too much). Other cities I have no idea, but most coastal towns have Co-ops, so if you were to drive out of the city a bit you may find a good Co-op and they can generally recommend to you what fish is in season and what will suit your tastes etc.

Ok well I am going to attempt a sort of menu plan, which is something I normally dont do as I buy whatever is cheapest when i do the shopping, and the remainders are dependant on the garden.

Will have a go at the linkylove lol.

lightening said...

SBW - what? you're so busy you only eat 1 meal for the whole week? Or that 1 meal lasts you for a whole week? LOL. How do you use yoghurt in white sauce? Or do you use yoghurt AS a white sauce?

dollfinn! (also with the exclamation mark so I notice lol) - the red bits are me when I'm in a good mood. LOL. Tend to let things "all hang out" a bit more. :-) That's a terrible sounding phrase but I'm rather tired now and can't work out a better way to explain it. Glad it made you smile. :) I am never delusional enough to think I *might* be a Martha Stewart (that is her name isn't it? Sounds rather strange right now....don't you hate those moments?)...but I know at times blogs can give an incorrect perception. :)

Kin said...

My menu plan is up also, although nowhere near as interesting as yours LOL.

I will have to try one day for something more extravagent sounding.

And yes, it's very late here. My comments are getting less and less legible. Sorry!

Jenn said...

No menu plan here, but can I come for dinner tonight? It sounds so delicious! :)

Lis said...

I've managed mine this morning,including my linky love, but still need to practice my "martha stewartness"! Off to work have a great day :)

Lisa said...

L, very "creative"! Best lump free white sauce tip - use a wire whisk when you're beating the milk in, instead of a spoon or whatever you're using now. It really works. When you tire of Martha.....get into a bit of Nigella being a domestic goddess! Nothing like the saucy Nigella to make one feel like an inadequate housefrau having a bad hair day! lol xxx

Precious_1 said...

glad to know I'm not the only one having problems linking to the menu plan monday host.