Thursday, November 22, 2007

Free Blog Reviews

I have decided to make my blogroll an active blog. Yeah, getting myself a collection of blogs - I know! So "Lightening's Blogroll" is now Lightening's Blogworld (same URL though) where I plan to blog about other blogs (hence the reviews) and also the bits and pieces I learn about blogging. I suspect the emphasis with be on "bits" since I know very little - but at least the types of things I blog about *should* be doable by the average person (on the premise that "if I can do them, anyone can").

If you would like to have your blog reviewed - pop on over there and say so in the comments section. It is going to be "first in, first served" to begin with. Over time I intend to review blogs "unauthorised" (meaning I'll review other blogs without being asked).

Other than that, I have no idea what might pop up on that blog! :-) Of course, the blogroll is still there and I do intend to add some more blogs to it soon - well, after my novel is done anyway. :-). It seems to be consuming more hours in my day than I can really spare right now (which is why I totally decided to add another blog to my list of things to keep up with! Doh!)

P.S. While you're checking out Lightening's Blogworld - be sure to stop and vote in my poll on blog advertising! ;-)


Jade C said...

Hey, I think thats fabulous! The concept itself is sort of called an 'internal blog.'

I'd loved my blog to be reviewed for it :) Its very much a work in progress!

I'm trying to build up to professional blogger status. If you want to learn more about blogging, send me an email at

I have all sorts of tips and sites to share! I do love helping people out :D

Anonymous said...

Re: the political advertising thingy that you had on your blog, you will be pleased to know that as of midnight last night there is no more political advertising for the election. So no more worries about unsolicited ads appearing for political parties, well until the next election that is. Ho hum, I can hardly wait for that (NOT!!!!)


lightening said...

Thanks Jade. I will pop you on my list. :-) Note to self: make a list :-o . Thanks for your offer of help too.

P - is it last night or tonight? I know there used to be a 24 hour black out or something. Noticed I'm still seeing the thing on my blog today - not sure if others are. I too will be glad when the election is over. :-) Hopefully I don't forget to vote though!

Frogdancer said...


there's nowhere to leave a comment on your other blog. I tried emailing, but I didn't have your email addy.

By the way, you're still going with the novel??? What a hideously prolific person you are!!
No, seriously, good on you. I felt awful having to give it up, (though I did make sure my word count was more than Scott's when we decided to call it a day.)

Simple Blog Writer said...

Here is the answer to the date question you left on my blog. Follow this map:
-Page Elements
-Click on "Edit" in the Blog Posts box. This will bring up a box.
-De/select the items you want/don't want.

Got it?

Wow on all your writing. Wowzers!

lightening said...

frogdancer - thanks for pointing that out. I turned all this stuff off when I was simply using it as a blogroll and now can't remember how to turn it back on again! Aaaarrrhhhh! Hence my need to record how to do things so I can go back and figure out what I did later. LOL. From what I can tell, comments are enabled - now I just have to figure out why there is no "comment" linky thing. Grrrr...hoping SBW is going to come to my rescue any time now. LOL.

As for emailing me - you can find a link to email in my profile (if you can find my profile that is).

I am relieved to see you're still talking to me after my horrible laughing over your situation with your ex (which I didn't actually think was funny by the way).

As for the novel - yeah, it's just starting to get interesting actually. I found between 20,000 and 25,000 words it was pure torture!!!! But now I'm enjoying it the most I have since I started. Are you going to keep writing (over a longer period of time)? You should see my house!!!! Aaaaahhhhhh. Although, I do have choc chip muffins in the oven as we speak (probably burning while I type away) so all is not completely lost. :-)

lightening said...

Yippee!!!! All done. I knew it was something different to the regular editing stuff but could not find it or remember what you'd told me last time (or find that either lol).

*sigh* I now have a date etc but still no comments thingy..... grrrrr.....

Simple Blog Writer said...

Hmmm...did you try this for the comments:


I feel silly offering this advice because I'm no techno-geek. I know essentially nothing about blogging except the typing part.

lightening said...

SBW - thank you for at least trying to help. Still no luck. I have tried both of those things a number times. Turning things on and off again etc. I've even tried switching to a new template. No success so far. Will leave it for tonight and try again tomorrow. Fingers crossed it's just a blogger glitch and a good night's sleep will fix everything. Otherwise I'll have to investigate if they have any kind of "help me" type contact details. LOL. I CAN'T have a blog with no comments. *sob*. The only thing that keeps me blogging is the comments!!!!