Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Humble Beginnings

A number of week's ago, I made the comment that I would post some pictures of my very first home. It probably has to be seen to be believed. LOL.

Yes, it looks a bit like a tin shed and in essence, I guess it was. A lined tin shed. Inside, it looks very much like a regular house.

You can't really tell from these photo's but this is built in somebody's backyard. A lot of places in Whyalla can be accessed by a back lane and it was quite common for a smaller dwelling to be built and lived in while the larger dwelling was then built on the front of the block.

Here is the view of the "front" door (it only had 1 external door). Standing at the front door you'd be looking at the back of the main house (with a fence in between the 2 yards in this instance). This actually made the perfect first home for me as I knew the people that lived in the main house. They were my landlords but also my friends (and their eldest son was page boy in my wedding). I *think* my rent was $45 a week back then (around 15 years ago). I was getting just over $200 a fortnight from Austudy so money was tight but I LOVED my little house.

Here is a shot of the lounge room. You came in the front door to a largish room that served as both a lounge and dining room. The lounge suite and coffee table were my parents cast offs. The TV and TV cabinet were mine - bought with some money my parents gave me out of my grandparents estate.

This is the dining area and you can see the doorway into the kitchen in the background. Lovely orange chairs!!! Again, cast offs from my parents.

As I was looking through my photo's, it struck me how almost everything I owned was second hand. Even the tablecloth and chair cushions you can see in this photo were second hand. :-)

The photo of the kitchen (which I haven't put here because I'm in it - and it's not a great shot of me lol) shows a towel pegged up to the window to keep the warm sun out. LOL. Obviously my solution for "make shift" curtains at the time.

Yet I didn't ever see what I *didn't* have. I didn't come home each day and see a tin shed filled with an eclectic mix of cast-offs. What I saw was HOME. MY HOME. My little place in the world. It's interesting looking back and confirming the fact that it isn't fancy stuff that makes a home. A heart is what makes a home.

I truly loved this little place and it's filled with many wonderful memories. I'll always treasure the time I had here. It was the only home I've ever lived in alone. I was 18 and a half when I moved into this house and it really was a great decision to do so. I'm really pleased to be able to look back on my life and remember with fondness this humble little abode. :-)


Ali said...

wow, I love looking at "older" photos. Thanks for sharing the pics of your first HOME :)

Lisa said...

Great photos! My first place was a little flat on top of a shop that sold barbeques and it was filled with found objects - my chairs were chrome with black velvet....oh yes!!!! And, how many people do you know who live in homes with extra bedrooms and "entertainers" kitchens, who don't enjoy the warmth of a truly loved and loving home?

Lil said...

Thanks for sharing your pics! Its so true that "home is where the heart is". I've recently moved into my own home and I absolutely love it!!
Luv Lil xox

Precious_1 said...

lovely!! My first home was a tiny 2 bedroom flat with hand me down furniture from my parents and his parents.

My favourite first home though was the first house I lived in on my own after leaving my ex. I had very little, but boy I loved that place!

Simple Blog Writer said...

These photos are wonderful! Thanks for posting them. I remembering wondering why people always complimented my not-so-nice, hand-me-down rocking chair when they visited my first apartment. Then I realized the chair was the ONLY piece of furniture I had...what else were they going to say besides, "nice chair." My mom would bring a lawn chair to sit on when she visited. Still...happy memories!

Tiffany Stuart said...

Glad you shared this pictures. I like this little home. And I love the orange chairs. It's fall!!


Thanks for stopping by my tea house. Hope our paths cross again.

God bless!

Kris said...

I think our first homes are loved so much because they represent freedom and adulthood and opportunity. My first 'own home', not shared by any one else had orange laminate nebches and shagpile carpeting up the walls. And I loved it.

Anonymous said...

It's so great to see your pictures. How independent you must have felt! It looks like such a lovely little home.

I like your idea for your blogroll too (especially since I'm on it:-)


lightening said...

Thank you everyone for your kind comments. :-) Glad you enjoyed it. It's not always easy to know what readers will and won't enjoy so I really appreciate your thoughts and feedback.

studentsaver said...

Wow - thank you so much!

I'm currently living in a bungalow now. Its a bit better than that but have gotten weird looks when people learn im living in someones backyard.

I was 18 1/2 when I moved in and most furnitute is second hand. I'm happier that most adults! I truely love it and the landlords are awesome.

Thanks for sharing!