Thursday, November 29, 2007

Glass Deco

Over the weekend as part of our "gradual" Christmas decorating, the kids and I made some Christmas stained glass window pictures with a Glass Deco kit I ordered through one of our preschools fundraising toy catalogues. On Saturday the kids had a great time making these and then on Sunday they were most excited as I peeled each one off and stuck them on our cupboard doors in the kitchen.

This first picture is the one done by my not quite 10-year old son. Each of them chose their own picture from those I had found and printed off.

DD chose an angel. No surprises there! :-) (She gets to dress up as an angel twice in Christmas performances this year. Once for school and once for Sunday School. She is very excited about that.)

The black outlines are done first. I did them throughout the week in preparation as they're quite fiddly to do. This meant that on Saturday the kids were able to fill in the sections with whatever colours they liked. The sparkly sections are done using a Glass Deco confetti kit (so the glitter is already in the paint). I think you can get glitter ones in some stores too but this catalogue only had the plain colours and the confetti.

This tree is my "turning 4 this Saturday" little mans efforts. How cute is it? :-) I had to stop myself from encouraging him to use colours that I thought would be best. He needs to be able to express himself in whatever way he likes. He is so proud of this and points it out every day.

These are really designed to go onto glass - windows, doors, jars etc but they stick to any surface that is reasonably smooth. Stuck to my kitchen cupboard doors (the floor to ceiling ones) they sure do make my kitchen look festive.

I love things that the kids can do instead of using only store bought decorations. At the moment I am making some different pictures to add to jars for some of my homemade Christmas gifts. I'm hoping to have enough paint left that the children can make another one each for us to add to our glass back door.

There are some great Christmas colouring pages available all over the internet. I found these particular pictures here . I'm planning to print off some more colouring pages for them to colour in when school lets out for the year. Only two weeks to go now!! (my children have tommorow off so today is the end of week 7 here). They have a little over a week between school breaking up and Christmas Day so it'll be helpful to have a few fun "Christmassy" type activities for them to do. :-)


Anonymous said...

Love the craft - they're great. I have seen people use them on glass sliding doors so that people know that there is a door there - not necessarily Christmas ones though.

And how hard is it sometimes to bite your tongue and not *correct* your kids craft efforts, and school assignments etc too. I love DSAlmost4's effort - its great.


Beth said...

These are gorgeous! What great memories your children will have about the lead up to Christmas in their home. We'll have to try these - I think the colours are so bright and festive. Thanks for sharing these.

The Tin House said...

Lovely craft kits - I've seen some like these in Spotlight that look like great fun. Thanks for the colouring page pointer. I have a rainy day (hopefully) at home tomorrow with Master 3.5 and these will keep us both amused for a little while. lol xx

Meg said...

These are just gorgeous, well done to the kids for such a wonderful effort and what a lovely heirloom tradition in years to come.

Ali said...

the decorations are lovely!!

Lil said...

Those glass decorations look awesome! What a great craft idea for kids!
Luv Lil xox

Simple Blog Writer said...

How did I miss these when I visited your blog yesterday? They are wonderful. I want to do this project!