Thursday, May 17, 2007

Photo Time

I'm terribly disorganised when it comes to photo's. Only recently have I updated our photo albums after being quite a few years behind. I'm told it's a common problem people have (being behind with their photo organisation). Today I have finally downloaded our full camera onto the computer so thought I'd post a few pikkies on here (providing I can work out how to do it).

The first one is my little man (our youngest) on his 3rd Birthday (which was last December). We were able to get him this ride on tractor as a freebie when we bought our Pajero from the local Case dealer. He really loves his loader and particularly likes to park it in the shed next to dad's loader (which is nowhere near as flash as this one by the way lol). You might be able to tell that he also got a fireman set for his birthday.

This one is my DD on her 6th birthday. She had a swimming pool cake. This year dad helped her to decorate her cake (mum wasn't well). I was going to put up a photo of them doing that together but I'm not sure DH would thank me for that. LOL. It was a very special time for them both.

And this one is our little crows fan on his 9th birthday. It seems like just yesterday that he was a baby. They tell you how quickly the time goes but it's hard to believe until it happens.


Anonymous said...

What adorable kids! Such treasures! You must be so proud of them!

Suze Q said...

Lovely kids! And your blog looks very nice too. Love the pink!

emma said...

Love the photos, Jodi! Your kids are gorgeous. :) Would love to see a photo of you, too!