Wednesday, May 16, 2007

I Just Drove A Truck!!!

Now there's something I never thought I would do. DH got his truck bogged in the paddock (nice and wet after nearly an inch of rain on Monday night - hooray!). At first he thought I'd just need to steer it for him but when that didn't work he needed me to actually drive it. Driving it entailed the same process as moving forward in a manual vehicle (holding clutch in then accelerating as you let the clutch out). DH was able to start it and get it all in gear for me. So it wasn't *really* driving it. LOL. And I only had to go all of 10-20 metres. But it sure gave me a buzz sitting way up there in the drivers seat feeling like I was driving the truck. I'm also glad I've been building up my leg muscles as holding the clutch took quite a bit of strength to push down and hold down!

So there's number 1 for my "101 experiences in life I thought I'd never have"!


Anonymous said...

What a buzz you must have felt! Watch out or your DH may give you the wheel more often!

lightening said...

LOL. He's already said my new *skill* will come in quite handy at harvest time. I just laughed. I wouldn't be that much help if he has to get the thing started for me and change gears each time. Still, he wouldn't have gotten it unbogged without help from somebody. It's nice to feel useful. :-)