Monday, November 20, 2006

Use it up Challenge - update 1

I've made a good start on my use it up challenge. Well, sort of. I've been using up things that weren't even on my original list. LOL. But they did need using up. I just hadn't seen them when I did my first sort out. Kind of scary when you start a "use it up" list and it grows instead of shrinking. :-) The bonus is that by using up what I have, I'm finding bits and pieces that I had no idea were there. So I guess overall, the concept is still working.

Here's what I've used over the weekend:

* kids had some ice blocks I found at the back of the freezer.

* I had 2 small containers of cooked and cut up meat (leftovers from roasts) that I'd frozen to use in soup. Figuring I won't be making soup for a while now that's it's getting warmer so I pulled them out and we had them in toasted sandwiches. That went down quite well with everyone and was a nice easy Sunday night meal.

* used up a Cob loaf from the freezer. Bought it for 50c a couple of months ago. Made a nice accompaniment to our salads for lunch.

* used one of the honey and soy marinade sample sachets on steak that we'll have for tea tonight.

I can see it's going to take me a little while to get through my list. But at least by having a focus and a list, things aren't getting forgotten and then being thrown away.

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