Saturday, November 18, 2006

A strange thing happened last night

DH and I were woken up last night by an almighty crack. Actually, DH woke up. He thought it had woken me up as I sat bolt upright in bed. But as I have no recollection of it happening, I'm figuring I was still asleep. LOL. I did wake up not long after as DH got up and I wondered what he had gotten up to do. He'd been lying in bed and could hear this strange crackling sound.

Now we still don't know why, but our bathroom window cracked and then slowly cracked into thousands of pieces. It's still in it's frame which is amazing (makes me wonder if it's a laminated window) but is absolutely shattered. We're assuming something ran into the window but there's nothing there this morning to suggest what it could have been. You can see a point of impact (where the cracking started) but that's about the only clue we have.

Very strange.

Now to find out if there's someone in town who replaces windows. We've not had to get one replaced in the 10 years I've been here.

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