Sunday, December 2, 2007

Number 4 Birthday Cake

Here is the first birthday cake I made for DS's 4th birthday. He chose what colour I put in the icing (yellow seems to be a favourite at the moment). The lollies on the top are little lolly cars. (Yeah, I know, they look like frogs don't they? At least, that's what DS thought they were lol). Chucking a few lollies on a number cake is my idea of a birthday cake - nice and simple! :-)

I had to include this photo as well (carefully edited to remove as much of my "first thing Saturday morning hairdo" as I could manage lol). Doesn't he look so excited when he sees the Lightning McQueen Beach Towel? :-)

I love kids birthdays - they're so much fun!!!! I'll be back tomorrow with some photo's from the party. :-)


Kez said...

Love the cake - and yes, he looks excited about the towel!!

Kez said...
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Katie said...

Aww he looks so excited! That facial expression is priceless. And the cake looks like it tasted great too ... mmm, birthday cake. :)

lightening said...

Kez - I love how excited kids get around their birthdays and Christmas! It often doesn't take much does it?

Katie - cakes doesn't seem to last long around here. On Saturday I made a triple mix for the number 4 cake (admittedly the recipe is rather small) and a double mix for his party cake and there is very little left!!!!