Monday, March 19, 2007

Bad Blogger

Oooh. I'm a bad blogger aren't I? LOL. My intentions are good and I have a lot I want to share. My brain is just a little limited at the moment. Hopefully I'll blog more as it improves. I've been wanting to blog about my experiments with apple cider vinegar for months now. I'll get to it soon (I hope!). :-)


emma said...

Yep you're a bad blogger Jodi lol. Well you're actually very good when you do it lol, which is why I keep checking to no avail. ;-) I have been using bi-carb as shampoo for a while now, and like it well enough, tried adding the apple cider vinegar as conditioner but it made my hair feel a bit greasy on top. Also tried drinking it and it tastes truly foul (I read about drinking it in the morning in some health thing). Pretty well as bad as the flaxseed oil that was another failed experiment lol!

lightening said...

Did you try using the apple cider vinegar diluted in a spray bottle? I only use a small amount (slurp or 2 - nice precise measuring) with water and only spray it on the bottom half of my hair rather than all over.

I combine it with honey and hot water when I drink it (as you'll probably read in my post that I've finally written). It would be very strong to drink neat I'd imagine.

Can't say I've tried flaxseed oil. I use LSA (ground linseed, sunflower seed and almonds) sprinkled on my breakfast but haven't ventured to trying the flaxseed oil yet.